The Big Half Marathon

This weekend I’ll be running The Big Half Marathon with New Balance and will be raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Big Half Marathon takes place this Sunday 4th March with participants running 13.1 miles across London. I think we’re all hoping that it will warm up a little before the big day however we won’t be letting minus degrees stop us!

I may be running the race but I need your help if I’m to have any effect on my chosen charity. Any donations are much appreciated and really will be going to an amazing cause that will affect the lives of many teens suffering from a cancer. If you’d like to help out you can donate by clicking here.

Let’s do this!! xx

New Balance Fresh Foam Crush

New Balance have launched a brand new trainer, the Fresh Foam Crush, and I led a workout for a bunch of fitness babes to put them to the test! 

Designed with New Balance’s Fresh Foam technology, the Fresh Foam Crush provides maximum comfort for any high intensity workout. They’re lightweight and have a super sleek design, making them perfect to wear from everyday life straight to the gym. 

Paired with New Balance’s Determination apparel, which by the way, is GREAT, we were all fully kitted out and ready to exercise. What was on the menu? My No Equipment, No Excuses full body workout. We started with upper body (I definitely wanted to get upper out of the way!) and then moved to lower body before blasting core. The workout finished with a plank and burpee challenge- tough but every single person smashed it and I’m pretty sure that our new kits helped… 

For me, the sign of a good pair of trainers definitely lies in their comfort and honestly, the Fresh Foam Crush is one of the comfiest sports shoes that I have worn yet. 

There was nothing but positive feedback on the trainers, with some guests wearing them straight from the event to work! Both my trainers and kit have been subject to a lot of compliments since the launch and a friend of mine is set on buying the leggings, which (along with the rest of the outfit) will be available to buy on ASOS

Why Self Love Isn’t Selfish

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about self love and sadly, feel that this term isn’t used as much as it should be. When was the last time you heard somebody say, ‘She/he has a lot of self-love’? Instead you’re more likely to have heard, ‘Oh doesn’t she/he just love her/himself.’ Right? Self love is quite often viewed as something negative. However, there’s a difference between loving ones self and arrogance. This post is not about the latter.

For me, self love is the building block for leading a happy life. It’s at the core of everything that we do, from our thoughts, to our actions and even down to the people that we choose to spend our time with.

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Top Swimwear Stores 

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with bikinis… I own over 50 different ones (it may be closer to 60 since I last counted), which I’d say is quite a lot to say that I live no where near the beach and that I’m not the most enthusiastic about swimming. I don’t even live in a hot- or warm- country!

Anyway, my love for swimwear means that I know a good few places that are great for picking up some new swim pieces. Here are my fave picks below!

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