Top Healthy Snacks

We all know how difficult it can be to eat healthily all of the time, especially when those mid morning, afternoon and evening cravings kick in. But there are plenty of healthy snacks out there that can keep us going all day! Here are a couple of my favourite good-for-you grabs to help you keep on track. They’re also really quick and easy to prepare!

Peanut Butter and Fruit


 One of my boxer friends introduced me to this and I’ve never looked back! Sounds a little strange, right? But this is delicious! If you’re a fan of peanut butter you will love this tasty treat. It’s also great for people who struggle to get there 5 a day (well now 8/9 according to new government recommendations), as it makes the fruit that little bit more enjoyable. I love fruit and peanut butter, and they work great together. I recommend apple as number one but don’t be afraid to experiment! Pear, banana and strawberries all work nicely too.

Frozen Fruit Kebabs


Just skewer a selection of your favourite fruits and freeze. Simple! A yummy way to eat your fruit- you’ll feel like you’re eating an ice lolly! Grapes are a great one to freeze. They taste like little sorbet drops, m m mmmm.


This is a simple one. Just chop up carrot, peppers and celery into sticks and dip, dip, dip! Not a fan of hummus? Try Tzatziki instead.

Flavoured Water


Sometimes when you think that you’re hungry, it’s actually because you’re a little dehydrated. When you’re feeling peckish, try having a glass of water. You may be surprised at how your hunger disappears. Water can be boring but making it flavoured can be much more satisfying. Chop up cucumber and mint, add to the water and let it sit over night. Alternatively, make lemonade with sparkling water, fresh lemon juice and honey.

Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate doesn’t have to be bad all of the time. Dip Strawberries (and banana if you fancy) into melted chocolate and leave in the fridge overnight. This is a great snack for if you really struggle to keep away from chocolate, as it makes it that little bit healthier and you’ll feel satisfied without eating a full bar!

I’m always on the look out for healthy snack ideas, these are just a few of my faves. It would be great to hear more suggestions if you have any, or if you try making any of the above why not let me know what you think! Enjoy xx

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