Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Iridescent Pearl Collection

I’ve never been a massive fan of Nike AF1’s but there’s something about the new Iridescent Pearl collection that have me swooning. Taking inspiration from the elegance of raw pearls, these are a pair of trainers that will be drawing some attention. Street meets luxury? That’s something I like the sound of. I’m already imagining myself in my all black outfit with these as a statement piece!

Not too much longer to wait; these beauties drop online at 8am on September 12th 2014. There’s a limit of one pair per customer so if you want to bag yourself a pair you’ll have to be quick, as it sounds like they’re in high demand! Quite frankly, I’m not surprised. These are the nicest AF1’s that I’ve ever seen and I’m already intrigued to see what Nike have up their sleeves for the AF1 next!

940x593q80 940x994q80940x772q80940x516q80

A fan of the Sky Hi’s? You’ll be happy to know what the Lunar Force 1 Sky Hi’s have had some pearly inspiration too! 

940x707q80 940x813q80

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