London Meets New York: Dave Krugman

I’ve been thinking for a while now on how I should write this post. I keep stopping and starting, deleting and re-writing and finally I have come to the conclusion that I’ll keep it simple. I left London to visit New York last week, fell in love with the city and met some pretty incredible people including American photographer Dave Krugman.

We shot around the busy (and quiet) streets of Manhattan, which is where my falling in love with New York took place and then headed to Brooklyn for a rooftop sunset shoot. This is the point where I was simply lost for words and quite frankly, I still am. I said that I’d keep it simple, so will stay true to my word and let the photographs do the talking…

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Dave is an amazing photographer and was an absolute pleasure to work with- we will most definitely be shooting again! Check out more of his work here or on Instagram: @dave.krugman. xx


Nike NFL Week

The US are soon to be taking over the UK sporting game, as NFL hits London and it’s no surprise that Nike are getting involved. They’ve entered a partnership with the NFL for the first time, meaning that all NFL product is now Nike. This included redesigning all jerseys, as well as improving performance factors through changes in fabric composition to encourage better clothing form. I popped into Oxford Street’s Nike Town store today to see what all the fuss was about and damn, they’re looking good.

The entire ground floor of London’s flagship is dedicated to the arrival of the American sport to London. With life sized mannequins lined upon an AstroTurf platform and all Nike staff wearing official NFL merchandise (and throwing footballs around the store), it’s definitely worth a visit.

The jerseys are available for both men and women for a number of different NFL teams. There’s even additional items to the collection, including a very nice reversible bomber for the guys and lightweight jackets for the ladies.

Find some of the men’s collection below:

pwp_sheet (2) pwp_sheet pwp_sheet (3) pwp_sheet (1) pwp_sheet (5) pwp_sheet (4)pwp_sheet (6)

And for women…


The NFL games have been an annual event for the past 8 years held at the home to English football, Wembley. Six teams will play in the UK this year with the Raiders and Dolphins kicking off the games this Sunday September 28th 2014. I wouldn’t mind bagging myself a sneaky ticket next year, even if it is just to have a peak at those oh so strong American men! Keep up-to-date with all the scores at Enjoy xx


Drop of Mindfulness

I’m always on the look out for new sportswear brands. Buying new activewear makes me want to get straight into the gym. The better you feel, the harder you workout- even if you don’t look quite so great at the end of the session! Well, I just found the most amazing brand that’s going to be causing me quite a lot of trouble on pay day! It’s called Drop of Mindfulness.

Founded in Sweden and inspired by New York, this is a definite one to watch. High quality products, mix’n’match items, stylish designs and all at affordable prices- woohooo! I feel like I’m in a candy shop but better, because I’m actually going to look good by the end of my purchasing!

I don’t just wear my sports gear to the gym, I wear it everywhere and this is exactly what Drop of Mindfulness allows; feminine activewear based on a lifestyle rather than just a sport. Look and feel good, in and out of the gym. Really, what’s not to like?

Purchase Drop of Mindfulness online at or check out their website xx

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Start Your Day The Healthy Way

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It literally ‘breaks the fast’ after your night’s sleep, waking up your metabolism and helping to burn fat quicker! It gives you a better chance of losing weight and makes you more alert. But what are the best foods to really make the most of this magical morning meal?


Research shows that eating two eggs in a morning (I recommend scrambled or boiled) can be great for weight-loss. Eggs contain a high amount of protein so will keep you fuller for longer. They also contain a nutrient called choline, which can improve both your nervous system and cardiovascular health.

Peanut Butter and Toast

One of the easiest to make healthy breakfasts. Peanuts in the morning can increase levels of the hormone that tells you that you’re full. So basically, you will recognise that your full that little bit earlier, reducing the amount of food that you want to consume. Yipppee!


Bananas keep you feeling fuller for longer so are perfect for breakfast. They are a great source of potassium, which helps to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Try on wholemeal toast (delicious), sliced onto porridge or simply eat as a mid-morning snack.


If you want to feel less hungry throughout the day, swap your cereal for oatmeal porridge. Top with fruit, seeds, nuts or a sprinkle of chia for added taste (and better Instagram pictures)! If you’re not feeling porridge or have a little bit of a sweet tooth then oatmeal muffins could be a good choice!

Fruit and Cheese

In a rush? Grab an apple, a small amount of cheese (1-2 ounces) and a handful of walnuts and you’re good to go! A good one to eat on the move.


My personal fave. Smoothies are surprisingly filling and super good for you. Experiment with your favourite fruit and Greek, natural or low-fat yoghurt. If you’re fed up of fruit, there are plenty of non-fruit green smoothie recipes out there, which are AMAZING for your health! Kale, spinach and broccoli are particularly good! Even if you’re not a huge veg fan, this could be a surprisingly great way to get you that green intake. Give it a go!


Hydrating, filling and full of immunity-boosting anti-oxidants, grapefruit is a great breakfast choice. Accompany with protein (think yoghurt or eggs) for the most beneficial breakfast!

Breakfast’s an excuse to eat that will actually benefit your health, so start your day the right way and get tucked in! Happy eating! x


Fashion Movements And The Rise Of Men’s Fashion

London Fashion Week has come to an end and this year was my favourite yet- mainly because I was, and was able to see close people around me be involved so much.

The fashion industry is crazier then ever at the moment with a new level of creative variation, but something that is truly captivating me most is the recent explosion of men’s fashion. For years, fashion has been heavily associated with women. Men who have showed an interest have been viewed in a negative light. But now things are changing.

Taking yesterday’s Ashish show for example, we saw men and women walking together. A celebration of male and female fashion at one. To me, this is a demonstration of the rise of the male fashion consumer and the future unity that both men’s and women’s fashion will hold.

Fair enough, there is a large population of male designers. In fact, the industry is dominated by them. Think Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Valentino Garavani and of course the famous duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. But these are the men behind the brand. They are excused by the fact that they are the business, the money and the power.

Now look at the models. These are the people at the front of the brand; the face, the representation, the desire. I bet that if I asked you to name as many fashion models as possible, your list of women would be much greater than that of your list of men. We have Kate, Cara, Tyra, Jordan, Lily, Adriana, Gisele, Naomi and that’s just to name a few. Need I say their last names? And for the men… Tyson Beckford, David Gandy, Francisco Lachwowski, Sean O’Pry and I’m struggling. I have to think about it, like really think about it.

My point is, when it comes to wearing fashion, men have been put in the back seat for years. So far back that they might as well not be in it. Now, I see movement. Working in men’s fashion myself I encounter the men of the future; be it the photographers, the models, the buyers, merchandisers or marketing men. I see their passion and excitement behind the clothes that they wear. It’s now great for men to be interested in fashion. It’s attractive, and this is going to influence something very special in the industry.

I’m not saying that the industry is level just yet, but it’s definitely moving. Fashion is powerful and if genders, races, sexualities and cultures can unite here, then they can unite anywhere. Bring on the next Fashion Week already please- things just got interesting.

A little note to say…

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I’ve recently become involved in a health business (post right here). I’m obsessed with fitness and nutrition so it seemed only right for me to help other people to improve their health and to meet their body/fitness goals, be that weight loss or gain, toning, muscle building or just general health (increased energy, healthier skin, hair and nails).

Well, one of my clients is my very own mum and I wanted to update you all with her weight loss progress because I am super proud of her! Join me in giving her a huge congratulations, as she managed to loose 11lbs in the FIRST WEEK of her new nutrition plan! Absolutely amazing!!

It might not be for you, but if you are interested in making any health changes or have any questions about my clients and their achievements then I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at xx

Nasir Mazhar LFW Spring Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear

I’m still absolutely buzzing about walking in yesterday’s Nasir Mazhar London Fashion Week SS15 Ready-To-Wear show. My first ever LFW show and I loved it- please let me walk again!!!

Back stage was surprisingly calm, although at one point I was sat having my make-up done, false nails applied AND being sewn into my outfit all at once! Hair was courtesy of Bumble and Bumble and nails by WAH Nails.

Source: Dazed Digital
Source: Dazed Digital
Source: Dazed Digital


I’m also super lucky to be able to have walked for a designer who’s designs I actually really like and would wear. Nasir spoke to Dazed Digital describing ‘his girls’ as ‘still sexy, still tough but this time not so in your face.’ And that’s what every girl dreams to be, right? Not only that, but Nasir breaks from the fashion norm, which is something that I admire completely. Instead of using the standard industry models, his girls- and guys- are a little different. With a variety of ethnicities, heights and sizes accompanied by his unique designs, the whole essence of his shows definitely makes a statement and a loud one at that.

Claudia Walder at Polysterzine told, ‘I only hope he keeps doing what he’s doing, because he’s leading a new generation of designers who aren’t afraid to confront the dreary fashion industry conventions that are slowly killing creativity.’ To me, this sums up Nasir and his vision perfectly.


Source: Vogue Online
Source: Vogue Online

Nasir Mazhar is a very talented and current designer who’s collection caused a little bit of a storm yesterday. Watch out for his men’s collection too (and the yummy guys modelling the clothes of course)! xx

Nasir Mazhar Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New York
Source: Now Fashion
Nasir Mazhar Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New York
Source: Now Fashion
Source: Now Fashion
Source: Vogue Online