Forever 21 Get Active

I just HAD to post about Forever 21’s activewear collection! I don’t even really need to say much apart from… amazing, stylish, comfortable, bold, flattering, cute, makes-me-want-to-work-out-everyday. In fact, there just aren’t enough words to describe! But you get the gist. This sports collection is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. From basic leggings to waterecolour crops, cut out sports bras and printed shorts, there’s something for every fashion conscious sports girl out there.

I recently purchased a beautiful woven back sports bra that makes me want to wear it everywhere- not just in the gym. I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t heard more ladies raving about this collection, which makes me think that it’s not that well known over in the UK? It was something that I just happened to stumble across in-store but then again, I am attracted to anything remotely sporty-stylish!

Get your new sports wardrobe now, in-store or online (there’s a little more choice in-store). Oh and one other word… value! From crops as little as £6 you won’t find activewear this good at this price anywhere else. If you do, please let me know!!

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