Drop of Mindfulness

I’m always on the look out for new sportswear brands. Buying new activewear makes me want to get straight into the gym. The better you feel, the harder you workout- even if you don’t look quite so great at the end of the session! Well, I just found the most amazing brand that’s going to be causing me quite a lot of trouble on pay day! It’s called Drop of Mindfulness.

Founded in Sweden and inspired by New York, this is a definite one to watch. High quality products, mix’n’match items, stylish designs and all at affordable prices- woohooo! I feel like I’m in a candy shop but better, because I’m actually going to look good by the end of my purchasing!

I don’t just wear my sports gear to the gym, I wear it everywhere and this is exactly what Drop of Mindfulness allows; feminine activewear based on a lifestyle rather than just a sport. Look and feel good, in and out of the gym. Really, what’s not to like?

Purchase Drop of Mindfulness online at nelly.com or check out their website dropofmindfulness.com. xx

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Source: dropofmindfulness.com
Source: dropofmindfulness.com
Source: dropofmindfulness.com

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