London Meets New York: Dave Krugman

I’ve been thinking for a while now on how I should write this post. I keep stopping and starting, deleting and re-writing and finally I have come to the conclusion that I’ll keep it simple. I left London to visit New York last week, fell in love with the city and met some pretty incredible people including American photographer Dave Krugman.

We shot around the busy (and quiet) streets of Manhattan, which is where my falling in love with New York took place and then headed to Brooklyn for a rooftop sunset shoot. This is the point where I was simply lost for words and quite frankly, I still am. I said that I’d keep it simple, so will stay true to my word and let the photographs do the talking…

tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo10_r1_1280 tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo9_1280 DSC_7872DSC_7869tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo2_1280 tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo7_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo1_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo6_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo4_1280

Dave is an amazing photographer and was an absolute pleasure to work with- we will most definitely be shooting again! Check out more of his work here or on Instagram: @dave.krugman. xx


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