‘Tis the Season… To Eat Pomegranate!

Fra la la la la, la la la laaaa… The holiday season is upon us and with all that celebrating, socialising and chilly weather, we need to make sure that we are taking care of our bodies. That means getting your 5 (or ideally more) a day. But winter isn’t quite the right season to bless us with plenty of fruit. In fact there’s little fruit that is in season throughout the colder months of the year. Except for pomegranate that is.

In season from September to February, pomegranates are currently at their peak, which is great seeing as they’re super yummy and packed with lot’s of goodness for our bodies. Meaning that we can still get our natural vits after all! Here’s all you need to know about this little red fruit…


They’re a superfood, which means that they’re, well, that they’re pretty super for our bodies! There isn’t actually an official definition for superfood but it’s basically food with lot’s of nutritional goodness that can help to reduce the risk of major diseases.

Inflammation reduction is a quality of pomegranates. These anti-inflammatory properties stem from a high Vitamin C content, which can be great for easing sore throats and asthma.

They’re full of antioxidants that are great for protecting us from disease, which is especially important in these colder, more vulnerable winter months. In fact, a glass of pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than any other superfood including green tea, blueberries and cranberry juice!

Pomegranates are amazing for our skin. Not only do they encourage skin cell regeneration, helping to protect us from sun damage and ageing, they also great for moisturising and softening your skin. And everybody needs a little extra moisturisation at this time of the year to protect skin from colder temperatures!

They have great energy boosting properties through their high iron content.

These pretty little fruits are thought to have numerous health benefits. They help to maintain healthy blood circulation and therefore, are known for helping to cure problems relating to the heart. They’re also really good for our tummies, providing relief for stomach disorders and there has even been detailed discussions around that they might have cancer and diabetes curing properties.

Pomegranates have never been on the top of my go-to fruit list, but after realising all of the benefits that they hold I’ll definitely think again! So stock up on pomegranates this winter and keep your body and skin in tip-top condition! xx

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