Goodbye 2014, Hello January Fitness Challenge

It’s here! The last day of 2014 has arrived and tonight is an evening that always gets me a little emotional. Reminiscing on the ups and the downs of the year that is quickly drawing to an end and wondering what lies ahead for the upcoming 365 days. 2014 may have been a good year or it may have been one to forget, but wouldn’t it be great if this time next year you can look back as a fitter, healthier, more vibrant you? Well, I don’t see why you can’t.

The Tigeress Lifestyle January Fitness Challenge is about shaping your lifestyle to improve your fitness and overall health in the long-term. It’s not just a January fad there to be forgotten, but is designed to encourage progress that can be seen throughout the year and beyond!

All you need to do is participate in 20 minutes of exercise per day and fill your body with nutritious goodness throughout the month. I’ll be posting workout tips, eating guidance and health recommendations everyday for the whole of January, to help keep you motivated and on track.

So tonight, whether you’re partying the night away, spending quality time with loved ones or even having a quiet night in, you can enter 2015 knowing that this will be the year that you can really make a difference to your health and happiness and I’ll be right here to help you along the way.

It’s time to make something of your 2015, starting with the Tigeress Lifestyle January Fitness Challenge. Yippee! Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to our fitness journey that lies ahead. xx

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