TRX: The Workout You Can Take Anywhere!

Even for the most fitness-obsessed of us it can be difficult to make your workouts happen all of the time. Our lives are getting busier, especially over the festive period, and we have to make a conscious effort to get ourselves working out and have to set aside time to get down to the gym. Well this little contraption could be the answer to everything- fitness equipment that allows you to workout anywhere!
The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that uses your body weight and gravity to work any of your muscles. Quite a simple, but absolutely brilliant idea that uses ropes with handles, which can be used in multiple ways to get your body working!
TRX trainers can be used in the gym (most gyms will have a permanent one already installed), at home, in hotels or even outdoors. Mine easily attaches to door frames for at home training. It really can be used anywhere! Not only that, but they’re actually a pretty reasonable price and much more effective than some larger, more expensive pieces of gym equipment that don’t fold up in your bag for on-the-road use!
They’re great for both men and women at all fitness levels and will work any muscles you desire. They’re especially good for improving core strength and general muscle endurance. It’s completely down to you how intense you make your workout. You can adjust the straps, bodily position and reps to suit your ability.
I’m a huge fan of full body workouts so usually use mine for an all-over body challenge. Although my favourite moves include suspended knee tucks, jumping squats and upright press ups! The squats of which my personal trainer nearly killed me and made my legs and bum hate me for the next couple of days! I even took mine in my suitcase to Cyprus and blasted out some hot weather training. Tanning and training, just what I like…
You can purchase a number of variations of the TRX system at differing price points, but TRX is the original trainer. So pick one up today and take your workouts wherever you desire!
Psst… There’s a 20% sale on now on the original TRX trainers!! Merry Christmas! xx

Alkaline Diets: The New Way To Get Healthy.

For me Friday night meant a huge girly catch up with one of my closest friends and fellow blogger, Sian Peters. We were discussing ambitions, fashion, men and of course food, when Sian mentioned something that got my blogging brain ticking- alkaline diets. I got to my research and here’s what I found!

So, what exactly is it? It’s a new diet that’s only just emerged over the past couple of years, which recommends eating alkaline food to help keep the body’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45 (pH being the measurement of how acidic or alkaline your blood is). This is a healthy pH level meaning that your blood contains slightly more alkaline than acid. Nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson and organic chef Natasha Corrett are the founders of this revolutionary diet and set up The Honestly Healthy Alkaline Programme.

What are the benefits? As usual, weight loss is a benefit but it’s not the only one. It can improve energy levels, memory and can even help to bloating, headaches, muscle pain and heart disease. An alkaline diet can reduce the risk of arthritis and diabetes and many studies have even found that cancer can’t thrive in an alkaline environment. Additionally, alkaline foods are much easier than acidic foods for the body to breakdown and hence, vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed.

All sounds good so far but how do I go about it? The diet recommends eating 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic. Basically, the 80/20 rule.

Alkaline foods include fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, roots and legumes (a plant family- peanuts are actually legumes and not nuts)! Foods that score highest on the alkaline front are lemon, lime, dates, watercress, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, celery, pepper, spinach, apples, grapes, kiwi, melon, mango, watermelon and passionfruit. Seeds and nuts are also great and contain essential oils that are amazing for your skin!

Unfortunately all dairy products aren’t so alkaline based (booo!), as well as pasta, wheat, meat and fish.

The trick is to make sure that 80% of the food that you consume is alkaline-based. When preparing meals, 80% of the food on your plate should be vegetables with grains or protein making up the final 20%.

I  personally don’t believe in quick weight loss diets, seeing healthy eating as a lifestyle with balance being the key ingredient, and this is exactly what an alkaline diet is all about. It should be used as a long-term eating guideline with multiple health benefits, rather than a fad, unhealthy way to loose weight! It also doesn’t mean cutting out bad food completely, just to eat it in moderation. So, what do you think? I for one, will be giving it a try! xx

‘Tis the Season… To Eat Pomegranate!

Fra la la la la, la la la laaaa… The holiday season is upon us and with all that celebrating, socialising and chilly weather, we need to make sure that we are taking care of our bodies. That means getting your 5 (or ideally more) a day. But winter isn’t quite the right season to bless us with plenty of fruit. In fact there’s little fruit that is in season throughout the colder months of the year. Except for pomegranate that is.

In season from September to February, pomegranates are currently at their peak, which is great seeing as they’re super yummy and packed with lot’s of goodness for our bodies. Meaning that we can still get our natural vits after all! Here’s all you need to know about this little red fruit…


They’re a superfood, which means that they’re, well, that they’re pretty super for our bodies! There isn’t actually an official definition for superfood but it’s basically food with lot’s of nutritional goodness that can help to reduce the risk of major diseases.

Inflammation reduction is a quality of pomegranates. These anti-inflammatory properties stem from a high Vitamin C content, which can be great for easing sore throats and asthma.

They’re full of antioxidants that are great for protecting us from disease, which is especially important in these colder, more vulnerable winter months. In fact, a glass of pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than any other superfood including green tea, blueberries and cranberry juice!

Pomegranates are amazing for our skin. Not only do they encourage skin cell regeneration, helping to protect us from sun damage and ageing, they also great for moisturising and softening your skin. And everybody needs a little extra moisturisation at this time of the year to protect skin from colder temperatures!

They have great energy boosting properties through their high iron content.

These pretty little fruits are thought to have numerous health benefits. They help to maintain healthy blood circulation and therefore, are known for helping to cure problems relating to the heart. They’re also really good for our tummies, providing relief for stomach disorders and there has even been detailed discussions around that they might have cancer and diabetes curing properties.

Pomegranates have never been on the top of my go-to fruit list, but after realising all of the benefits that they hold I’ll definitely think again! So stock up on pomegranates this winter and keep your body and skin in tip-top condition! xx

Time to be Supreme.

Supreme. Embracing and refining the downtown culture of Manhattan, New York. Eighteen years of excellence. Almost two decades of statement and of quality, authenticity, of boldness and youth. Skaters. Hip hop fanatics. Punks. Creatives. All uniting through the force of Supreme. It’ time to think Supreme. It’s time to embrace Supreme. Wear Supreme. Be Supreme.

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All images shot by Thai Matic. Jeans, Levi’s. Trainers, Puma. T-shirt, Supreme.

Patta x Carhartt WIP “Wild at Hartt” Collection


A new menswear collaboration is set to launch this week, which is causing a little bit of a buzz on the streetwear scene. We’re soon to see Dutch brand Patta and the US company Carhartt WIP join forces as a celebration of Patta’s 10th anniversary.

We were all able to have a sneak peak at the collection in their recent Lookbook launch but the official release is this Thursday. The launch will take place at London’s Goodhood store- followed by an after party of course!

What to expect from the collection? Think autumnal shades of tan, black and grey, minimal designs and immense quality. You’ll see some of Carhartt’s iconic pieces reworked for the collab, including their Chore Coat and Active Jacket. Minimal with statement slogans seems to be the trend for men this winter, which is exactly what we’ll get from this collection along with some definite investment pieces. Watch out for the launch in retailers 4th December, 2014. xx

patta-x-carhartt-wip-2014-fall-winter-wild-at-hartt-lookbook-75f15ca8fb2631ee868d4df1521498a40 patta-carhartt-wip-wild-at-hartt-lookbook-04-960x640