Turn up the music, turn up the heat!

That feeling when you’re close to giving in on your run and then your fave tune comes on and BANG, you’re back in the game with more energy than ever. It’s true that music really does effect how well we perform when exercising. So, if you’re thinking of going on a run this weekend, make sure before you do that you take a little time to freshen up your work out playlist- or that you get one!

Choose your top songs at the moment, along with some tracks that are really going to get you motivated. Stuck for ideas? It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but here’s what my running playlist  is looking like right now!

I Wanna Feel- Secondcity

Old Thing Back- Biggie Smalls & Ja Rule (Matoma Remix)

Lose Yourself- Eminem

Blockbuster Night Part 1- Run The Jewels

7/11- Beyonce

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeren (Alex Adair Remix)

Forever Now- Ne-yo

I’m Not The Only One- Sam Smith (Grant Nelson)

Thug Lovin’- Ja Rule (or any Ja Rule song to be honest!!)

Just In Case- Jaheim Garage Remix (type this into YouTube, you’ll love it)

Bump & Grind- Waze & Odessey vs R Kelly

They’re my top selections, but remember that it’s whatever will get you motivated. Now, time to get moving! xx

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