Monday Motivation: Miss Reef 2015

The first Monday back after the festive period is always a dull one and can make our New Year’s resolutions ever-more challenging. So here’s a little motivation to keep you on track for a fitter 2015, Reef’s annual Miss Reef calendar.

What I would and will do to achieve a body like one of these ladies! And with enough determination I might just bag that lounge-on-the-beach-all-day lifestyle. I pray. Gents, I’m sure you may thank me for this one too…

Say hello to the Miss Reef 2015 calendar, shot in the beautiful Mexican jewel Cabo San Lucas.

MissReefCalendarImages_994x6602 MissReefCalendarImages_994x6604 MissReefCalendarImages_994x6605 MissReefCalendarImages_994x6607MissReefCalendarImages_994x6608 MissReefCalendarImages_994x6609 MissReefCalendarImages_994x66010 MissReefCalendarImages_994x66011MissReefCalendarImages_994x66012 MissReefCalendarImages_994x66013

Now get on to that detox and don’t forget your 20 minutes of exercise today! Let’s do this! xx

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