Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for beautiful skin, hair, nails and for maintaining top health. It’s especially important in helping us to exercise to our fullest ability. But, did you know that by the time our brains recognise thirst, our bodies are already dehydrated? Booo!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t sip quite enough of the good stuff as we should be doing. The recommended amount is about 2 litres per day, but this does vary slightly dependent on age, height, body mass, gender and the amount of exercise that we participate in. I recommend keeping a water bottle with you at all times. It will remind you to fill up on water, ensuring that your body’s hydrated all day long.

Oh and by the way, consuming enough water can also prevent us from over-eating, as sometimes our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. Meaning that drinking a little more water each day might just help us to loose a couple of pounds!

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