Greek Breakfast

Good Morning Tigers, 

The weekend is finally here and today I’m sending greetings all the way from Cyprus. I’m starting my day in the usual healthy way and in true Cypriot style. You can too- no matter what your destination! 

Here’s an easy and fulfilling breakfast that will get you through the morning- Greek Yoghurt. 

Greek Yoghurt is super light, so great for a bloat-free, feel-good start to the day. It’s also loaded with both calcium and protein (nearly twice as much as your standard yoghurt), so will keep you fuller for longer! I recommend to top with your favourite fruit, pumpkin seeds and/or a little squeeze of honey to fully satisfy your taste buds. 

Not quite enough? I know that there are some strapping lads who follow Tigeress and some serious fitness ladies (or simply lovers of food like myself) who may not be fullfilled by fruit and yoghurt alone. Try adding a boiled egg or two- on the side of course- for the ultimate protein breakfast. 

A great way to begin any healthy day. Happy Saturday! xx 

One Minute to a Healthier You

Who knows somebody who just simply ‘doesn’t have time to exercise’? Or perhaps that’s you? If you’re an offender of using that line before then I suggest that you close your eyes now because research from a recent Canadian study has just blown that excuse right out of the water.

Accordingly to the findings, it only takes one minute of exercise per week to improve your fitness! 20 seconds of sprinting three times per week, improved fat-burning ability in just six weeks.

I love exercise way too much to only exercise for one minute per week, but it’s good to know that if I’m super hectic and my usual exercise routine is taking a back seat, that I just need to get my sprint on! Perhaps that dreaded dash for the bus is actually a small fitness blessing in disguise? xx

New Balance x Bergdorf Goodman

If you’re looking to be the envy of all of your friends this summer, then New Balance is the way to go. The brand have teamed up with Bergdorf Goodman to provide an exclusive trainer for ladies who know their fashion.

This sought-after trainer is available in five unique colours (Ivory being my personal fave) and can be found on Bergdorf Goodman now. Each holds a particular attention to detail, making the trainers even more wonderful. With iridescent and leather detailing, I am in love. See the Bergdorf Goodman feature on how five beautiful bloggers styled theirs right here!


BGS08TW_mx BGS08TX_mx BGS08TY_mx


The perfect trainer for wearable, effortless style and the ultimate blend of sports meets chic. A must for my summer wardrobe. New Balance, you’re just getting it so right. xx

All images from Bergdorf Goodman x

A Note To Say…

Hello Tigers- Happy Weekend!

You’ve probably noticed that there’s not been quite as many posts on Tigeress lately. I’ve been ridiculously busy but promise that regular posts will be back soon, with even better content than before!

I’m taking a trip out to Morocco with New Balance this weekend! So keep your eyes pealed for lot’s of sweaty desert fun and behind the scenes action with the New Balance team.

Lots of Tiger Love,

Kirby xx

Guest Writer Lois Brown: Reebok Fit Hub

Today is a special day for Tigeress Lifestyle, as we see the first post written by a guest writer. My best friend and fellow fitness-fashion obsessive Lois Brown, is joining us to talk all things Reebok! This one’s a good one for any of you Northern bunnies (but there’s a little something for everyone if you follow the link). Let’s here what Lois has to say!

Calling all my Northern beauties! I recently discovered that Reebok are offering FREE fitness classes in my area and just had to go along and see what I have been missing out on.

The Intersport Sporting Pro store in Kirkstall Valley Retail Park in Leeds was the meeting point and it wasn’t long before I met a small group of ladies ready and raring to go. With the encouragement and enthusiasm of our wonderful trainer Stacey Jaques, we started off with some static stretches in the store (cue funny looks from onlooking customers)! We then had a steady jog to up to Kirkstall Abbey park just a couple of minutes away and gathered in a grassy clearing on the outskirts of the park. We carried on our warm up with some dynamic stretching to keep our heart rates pumping and our muscles well stretched.

The heart of the work out was an intense 10 minutes of interval style exercise with varying levels from beginner work outs with the option of making the work out a little more difficult if you felt up to the challenge. With a variation of squats, jumping lunges and star jumps for 40 seconds with a 20 second break, which was optional, Stacey really put us through our paces.

Then it was for interval sprints, side steps and high knees running, from one corner of the ready marked square to the other, adding more squats and jumping lunges at each interval. Finally, we had a steady jog back to the retail park to finish with a few stretches, cooling our bodies down gently.

Overall, I had a great experience with Stacey and the other girls. Stacey is a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer- what’s more, she offers great advice and exercise tips for anybody suffering from minor injury, helping to make sure that their work out is just as successful.

I couldn’t recommend this class enough and to make things even better… it’s free!!! So Ladies, get signed up and get yourself along to this fun event held every Saturday morning at 10am, a great way to kick start your weekend.

Click right here to search for the Fit Hub event closest to you!

P.S. This Sunday, 8th of March , Reebok have organized a 5K run in recognition of International Women’s Day and once again it is free to enter. The meeting point is at the usual spot at the Intersport Pro Sports store in Leeds and all entrants get a free Reebok goodie bag worth over £35!

With love, Lois xxx

Let’s Get Nakd!

Here’s another Yummy Snack Alert! Healthy bars made from 100% natural ingredients and that have absolutely nothing nasty added. Nakd bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free and what’s more, some of then even count towards one of your five a day!

Choose from a variety of flavours including Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight and Cashew Cookie. Although high in sugar content, this is from fructose (the good type) and will provide a more sustained release of energy. This is a great grab for a midday snack, post or pre gym energy boost or even a lunchtime accompaniment. Priced at around 75p per bar, you can pick them up from most supermarkets. xx