Greek Breakfast

Good Morning Tigers, 

The weekend is finally here and today I’m sending greetings all the way from Cyprus. I’m starting my day in the usual healthy way and in true Cypriot style. You can too- no matter what your destination! 

Here’s an easy and fulfilling breakfast that will get you through the morning- Greek Yoghurt. 

Greek Yoghurt is super light, so great for a bloat-free, feel-good start to the day. It’s also loaded with both calcium and protein (nearly twice as much as your standard yoghurt), so will keep you fuller for longer! I recommend to top with your favourite fruit, pumpkin seeds and/or a little squeeze of honey to fully satisfy your taste buds. 

Not quite enough? I know that there are some strapping lads who follow Tigeress and some serious fitness ladies (or simply lovers of food like myself) who may not be fullfilled by fruit and yoghurt alone. Try adding a boiled egg or two- on the side of course- for the ultimate protein breakfast. 

A great way to begin any healthy day. Happy Saturday! xx 

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