Happy Sunday from Tigeress Lifestyle

Happy Sunday, everybody!

The festive season is upon us, meaning that everybody’s schedules are pretty damn hectic. Mine included. I haven’t been as active on Tigeress for a while and I can do nothing but apologise. Since I’ve been away, I’ve quit my job, signed to a new agency and worked on some amazing projects, all whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle without stuffing my face with too many mince pies. All of this means that I am able to concentrate on providing each on of you little tigers with lots of fitness, health and motivational goodies and can work on even more projects to bring your way.  Yippeee!

Watch out for my first project going live TODAY! A hyperlapse video from a talented photographer and a very familiar brand…

I’m going to head off and get that post together, make some Christmas cards, have a cheeky little workout  and then settle down for a Sunday roast in front of our newly decorated Christmas tree. I hope to see you all later, but in the meantime what will you be doing with your Sunday? xx

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