Camo’s on my checklist this season. As is sportswear (obviously). Oh and black, as always. Now if there’s one brand that’s ticking all three boxes, it’s newly born streetwear brand KUTULA.

Multi-talented designer Jimi Herrtage created this 34 piece collection where you can basically mix and match every single item. The brand’s monochrome colour scheme and urban camoflague print runs across all pieces making it oh-so-easy to achieve that effortlessly cool look.

It’s no wonder I wanted to shoot my faves (including the reversible bomber jacket!!) on a hot summer’s day- gloomy London had to do. Jimi’s trip to South Africa inspired KUTULA, with the name actually meaning ‘peace’ in Zulu dialect. There’s me thinking it can’t get any better, then I discover that the brand also travel the world hunting for talent across the arts to showcase across all digital content… Need I say any more?

You can see more from KUTULA on Instagram and Twitter- @kutulaarmy- or online right here. Prices start from £25 and you can shop for both men and women.

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