Motivational Quote of the Week

Actions speak louder than words, but sometimes words are a really good start… so let’s do just that. As part of our new feature ‘Motivational Quote of the Week’, we’ll be setting off each Monday with some motivational words to kick your week in the butt!

The first quote of the series, actually came from my weekly horoscope. This week for Leos, it’s all about competition and striving for the best (as is any week, right Leos?!). However is was the last words of the entire page that really took my notice. Words that can be applied to anybody, Leo or not. It read…

‘…the best way to help others is to empower them to help themselves.’

BOOM. Tigeress Lifestyle aims to empower; to empower readers and hence for readers to empower others from what they take from the site. We all need to help ourselves, but to encourage others to do the same during that process amplifies the positivity even more.

This week, while you’re working on you, why not be somebody else’s encouragement to do something great themselves? Because remember, the best way to help others is to empower them to help themselves.


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