Sky High Yoga

It’s 6.30am and you’re thirty-five floors up, overlooking the exquisite city of London. Yes, it’s cold and yes, you could be snuggled up in bed right now, but who cares? You’re about to take part in one of the city’s finest and most picturesque yoga classes.

Based in the glass room that is Sky Garden, this Sky High Yoga class has got Londoners itching to release their inner yogi. The one hour group yoga session is sure to set you up for the day, leaving you feeling relaxed, satisfied and ready to take on the world. Isn’t it strange how a good sunrise view can have you feeling so appreciative… Oh yes, and I’m sure the yoga works wonders too!

Wrap up warm because there’s no heating in this natural environment and make sure you take your own mat!

If you’re a fan of yoga (or simply love a good view), then this one’s for you. Available to book for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. x

To find out more or to book a session, click right here!


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