What to drink this weekend…

Happy Friday, everybody! The weekend is finally upon us (just a few more hours to go…) and we’re planning what to do with our time. Well, dry January is well and truly over so whether you’re heading out or staying in, I wouldn’t be surprised if alcohol is on the menu. For me, I’ve been invited down to a very special restaurant (with a very special cocktail menu) and I feel it would be rude to pass on sampling one or two of their drinks… However, as much as I love a good cocktail, I can’t help but think how much bad it does for my bod- inside and out! I’m guessing that I’m not the only health-concious bunny worried about the booze, so here’s my guide on what are the best drinks for a healthier body and a less guilty mind.

Gin and Tonic

You can’t beat it; a good old G&T with a slice of cucumber for that extra touch. Made of Juniper berries, gin is natural with little calories. Available in different flavours, there’s a gin for everyone.

Vodka and Soda

There’s also little calories in vodka and no calories in soda water. Need I say more… Although that doesn’t mean for you to be necking back the vodka straight- filter it down and you’re head won’t be in such a bad way in the morning!


Sooo, it’s not exactly healthy but it is one way to top up your five a day. With lemons, apples, strawberries, raspberries and oranges, you’re actually getting a good mix of nutrients. Just maybe try it without the red wine, gin and sugar on Sunday!

Say yes to ice!

Not everybody likes ice with their drinks, but it can be a clever little way to drink less of the naughty stuff simply by leaving less room in the glass! As you sip away, the ice will slowly melt meaning that without realising, your drink is actually becoming more diluted. A fab way to look like and believe that you’re drinking more than you are.

Lemon Juice

If you’re a fan of lemonade, then why not try adding lemon juice to tonic or soda water (or just alone with your spirit) as an alternative? Just as much flavour, less calories, sugar and all the health benefits of lemon!

Go Virgin?

Sometimes being sociable doesn’t have to involve alcohol. Why not try a virgin cocktail if you’re really wanting to swerve the spirits.

Low Sugar Mojito

Mojitos are my fave but they are one of the most sugary cocktails out there. Ask for your mojito with half (or none of) the syrup for a low cal mint, lime and soda water concoction.

Hopefully some of these will do the trick to get you through the weekend in one piece! Have a fab one guys! xx


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