Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

After months of battling with the cold UK weather, it’s this time of year that my lips suffer the most. They’re particularly paying for it this time round and have chapped to the point where it hurts for me to even smile. Not great at all.

In an attempt to battle the dryness, I’d been applying my regular lip salve non-stop (one perfect for summer with SPF and a slight gold shimmer), but it seemed that they were past revival. Gallons of water and half a lip salve later, I was beginning to lose all hope. That was until a recommendation came from a close friend- Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. It had to be worth a try…

Priced very reasonably at just £2.59 (currently on offer for £1.69 at Superdrug) I picked one up immediately! I’ve been using mine for just under three days, applying around three times per day and my lips are already noticeably healthier. Although not fully healed just yet- I can’t expect miracles- they are definitely under repair! And finally, I can smile again. Woohoo!

It may not be the fanciest of lip salves, however it definitely does the job. Containing Shea Butter, it’s definitely more of a moisturiser than a balm and Blistex were right to name it as ‘intense’.  If you suffer from dry lips or simply want a boost if hydration, I would definitely recommend. xx



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