Arm Toning Workout

Happy Monday! It’s a new week, which means that we can set some new goals to smash! Mine is to pay more attention to my arms (an area that I tend to neglect when working out) to get them nice and toned in the run up to the sleeveless season of Spring. To help motivate me that little further, I have launched my second video on my new YouTube fitness channel and guess what… It’s all about toning those arms!

I’ll be following my routine this week and for the weeks to follow so that my arms are looking fiiiiine (or at least better) as the temperature ramps up. If you want to join me click right here and see a sneak peak of what’s in store below…

2 thoughts on “Arm Toning Workout

  1. Gutted this post wasn’t around earlier today! I was searching the web frantically in the gym changing rooms looking for a chest and back workout. I settled for chest press, flys, upright rows and press ups! I don’t think I got as much back as I wanted in it though, do you have any back exercises on the top of your head?


    1. Ahh such a shame! It depends what you want to achieve however overhead dumbbell lifts, back extensions, side bridges and arm rows are all great. There’s also usually a couple of machines in most gyms that concentrate on the back muscles. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss a post if you like (I post ever Monday morning :))! Will look into more back exercises without the use of machines and try make a video soon 🙂 x


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