Speed Dating… at the Gym?

Sooo, it’s not something that I can say I’ve ever thought of before. Sure, for some, the gym may be the perfect place to meet a hubby/wife. If you’re into fitness then it’s a great opportunity to meet somebody like-minded. Besides, a hot bod is always a bonus. However, I don’t know of many- in fact, let me rephrase that. I don’t know of any  people who have been taken to the gym on a first date, never mind dated multiple people there all at once to see who’s the best fit. Well things are about to change, as the boutique gym that’s been causing quite a stir in the fitness scene strikes again. Introducing Bumble HIIT Dating at 1Rebel.

In the same way as Bumble does, 1Rebel will be allowing the women to make the decisions, holding a station whilst the men rotate at the end of each 2 minute round. That gives you 2 minutes to perfect those press ups, planks and whatever else they have you performing. If you can make an impression whilst being out of breath, sweaty and shouted at by one of the hardcore 1Rebel trainers, then surely it’s a match worth pursuing?

To top things off and to get to know that person you had your eye on a little better (or to revive yourself from the in-class tomato face), there’ll be happy hour at the 1Rebel bar. Yes, the gym does also have a bar.

There’s limited spaces and I feel that the classes might be in surprisingly high demand, so make sure to contact Talilla at Talilla@1Rebel.co.uk to secure a spot. xx

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