Free Yoga at Lush Oxford Street

Luxury workout clothes brand iamVibes has teamed up with the one and only Lush Cosmetics Oxford Street to bring free yoga for all! Yep that’s right, free yoga. All you need is a mat, yourself and to get there early in order to avoid disappointment and you’re good to go. I was invited down to the first ever event…

Arriving with mat in hand, hair tied back neatly and my very own iamVibes Hamsa crop top (with leggings of course) I most definitely looked the part. That was until I actually took to the mat and discovered that I’m by no means Miss Yoga 2016. No matter how many squats, hill sprints or burpees I may be able to do, they weren’t going to be saving me here.

Led by Katarina Rayburn, one of the most impressive yoga teachers that I have ever seen, we were in for some true hardcore stretching, flexing and breathing. The class was formed of mixed abilities, from beginners to pros (unfortunately I landed myself a space next to a pro) and allowed everybody to join in at their own pace, adopting different positions dependant upon your level. It was pretty surreal having the class held amongst the cosmetic goodies and intrigued customers of Lush, especially with their glass front looking over Oxford Street, but it was an experience that I would recommend. Lasting a whole hour, we definitely made the most of the time.

I am far from a yoga expert- or ‘yogi’ I have been advised they are called- and have previously been quick to dismiss the skills that yoga requires, however I left the class with a new found appreciation for the practice. Offered fresh lemon water, Vita Coco coconut water and an iamVibes goody bag with Lush Zen Soap, which by the way smells delicious, it was most definitely worth the trip and I will be back again soon.

Why not head to the next session this Friday 6th May? Choose one of three classes or attend them all. Starting with Pilates 3-4pm, then Yoga by Katarina Rayburn 4-5pm and finally Yoga by Charlotte Nixon 5-6pm, they’re all held in the event space on the first floor at Lush Oxford Street store. Oh and I’ve heard that there’ll be vegan fruit at this one too. Good for our bodies and conscientious, that’s what we like to hear!

Hopefully see you there! x


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