ÔĽŅDIY Body Scrub- for Soft Skin all Summer

I’m hopping on a plane today (yippeee) for a special shoot in the sun, which means that it’s important for my skin to be looking the best that it can. Not only that, but I really don’t want to be peeling as soon as I arrive home. The best way to soften, smooth and prep my skin for the sun? Body scrub! 

Yesterday was a huge rush and when I came to scrub I realised that I didn’t actually have any to hand. There was little time to go to the shops so I decided to use a little DIY and it actually turned out to be rather great (and really easy)… 

If you’ve seen my homemade cocktail video (feel free to click right here if not) you’ll know that I’m no DIY pro. Yet, as disasterous as the process usually is, the results tend to be pretty good! There were no mishaps here, even with my track record and it was as simple as one, two, scrub! 

All you need to do is… 

1. Grab a dollop of raw coconut oil and a proportionate amount of Himalayan sea salt- a tea spoon should be enough. 

2. Mix together.

3. Apply to skin and rub in circular motions. 

4. Rinse off. 

Your skin will be left smooth, flake free and super soft. You can even feel the coconut oil working its moisturising magic for a couple of hours after getting out of the shower! A natural body scrub that your skin will thank you for. 

Give it a go and let me know what you think! x 

Your Tea Competition: Win a Mini Makeover Gift Box!

Hey everyone,

This week, I’ve teamed up with Your Tea to give you a chance to win a Mini Makeover Gift Box! A cute little box filled with four health benefiting teas and a Your Tea magazine packed with top tips on ‘Creating A Better You’! The teas include the famous Tiny Tea, Skin Magic Tea, the Anti-C Tea and Happy Tea. The perfect combination to give your body a well-deserved natural makeover inside and out.

All you need to do is simply head over to my Instagram @kirbyanne and…

  1. Hit the follow button if you’re not following already.
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It’s as simple as that! Entry ends July 4th 2016 and the competition winner will be announced that week. Get involved for your chance to win!

I’ve also been busy trailing the Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox and have given my HONEST opinion right here on the YouTube channel. Tried it before? Why not let me know what you thought by commenting below ūüôā


Kirby xx


Equinox Summer Sunrise Yoga at Ham Yard Hotel

Calling all early birds and/or yoga lovers, there’s a new yoga class that’s just arrived in London that I think you may like! Similar to it’s location, it’s one of those secret classes that if you know about it you know about it and if you don’t, well, you don’t. I guess it’s a good job that I’m here to fill you in on all of the details…

Held at the top of Soho’s hidden gem, Ham Yard Hotel, it’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and finally let your mind relax. Exactly what you’d want from a yoga class, no?¬†The tranquil rooftop garden, scattered with hanging lanterns and greenery, takes you away to dreamier destinations- the weather even managed to hold out for us too (although there is a canopy just in case)!

Starting at 7am it is an early one, yet I think that adds to the experience. A nice way to wake your body up and a peaceful start to the day. The class, brought to us by Equinox and led by the lovely Kathryn Fielding, lasts for an hour and suits a variety of levels. I’m no yoga pro but was able to stay at my own pace whilst more advanced participants carried out more difficult moves.

Running for the next five Wednesdays (29th June-27th July) it’s a 7am meet for a 7.15am start. You’re out by 8.15am and even get a freshly pressed juice on exit. If it sounds like something you might fancy then you can get your tickets right here for ¬£20. X

Neil’s Yard Lengthening Mascara

Everybody loves a good mascara. Although lately, I’ve been struggling to find one that agrees with my sensitive skin. That was until a recent trip to Neal’s Yard, where I stumbled across this little gem…

78% organic ingredients, 5% natural minerals and clinically proven to lengthen lashes by 85%. It caught my attention indeed.

Before I knew it I was at home, mascara in hand, ready to put my new purchase to the test. The first thing that I noticed was that it smells absolutely delicious- well, as far as mascara goes anyway. A noticeably natural smell rather than the usual chemical hints. The next bonus was the applicator brush; thin, gentle and flexible, allowing for a smooth, light cover with no clumps of mascara under, on, in or around my eyes! On my lashes it was soft, almost as if I could feel it effortlessly nourishing them.

I’ve been using the Neal’s Yard Lengthening Mascara for a little time now and while I personally haven’t noticed my eyelashes getting any longer I have received compliments from others on my lash length.¬†I’ve found that the mascara doesn’t flake around my eyes like my previous buys and I’m also happy with how my lashes¬†feel- very healthy indeed. Now I don’t feel bad for wearing mascara because I know that the benefiting ingredients are doing me some good, conditioning my eyelashes rather than coating them with damaging chemicals.

If you’re looking for dramatic lashes then this probably isn’t for you (I use mine as a day mascara and for any nights out top up with a thicker one), but if you’re opting for the natural look,¬†are wanting to improve your lash health or have sensitive skin and eyes then you’re in for a treat and are¬†giving your eyelashes some well deserved TLC.

Available in black from Neal’s Yard for ¬£16 / 7ml. xx

Zara Sport

I’d heard that Zara have been selling sportswear for a little while now, yet strangely I’ve only just properly checked it out. Perhaps it was my crazy saving scheme that seems to have been taking place all year, avoiding shops at all costs, or simply that I have sportswear coming out of my ears so really shouldn’t be buying any more- who am I kidding, you can¬†NEVER¬†have enough sportswear! Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m late. Admittedly poor behaviour for a fitness blogger and I’m not sure that I should be pointing this out to you all,¬†but I feel that it’s worth it if it means that I can direct any other poor soul that has been missing out¬†into the sporty Zara light!

It’s fabulous! It really is and is amazingly affordable. Sure, it doesn’t have the technology that Nike or New Balance may hold, but it’s fashion and will do a damn good job of making you look and feel great in the gym, on your run in the park or when you fancy a sporty look for your day off. Consisting of basic mix and match items, Zara have hit the nail right on the head. Check it out for yourself right here or see my favourite pieces below… x

£12.99 @ Zara. Image Source: Zara.com
£12.99 @ Zara. Image Source: Zara.com
£15.99 @ Zara. Image Source: Zara.com
£15.99 @ Zara. Image Source: Zara.com
£9.99 @ Zara. Image Source: Zara.com




London Collections Men SS17

London Collections Men- the men’s version of London Fashion Week- hit the city this weekend for the second and final time this year. The biannual event held every January and June highlights¬†the growing popularity and importance of men’s fashion- a¬†celebration of¬†the British menswear industry. Myself and my boyfriend, Aaron, headed to some of the shows with Select Model Management to see what’s next for menswear.

I was surprised at just how coherent the shows were, many influenced by world issues and the impact that they have on society. On us. QASIMI did particularly well at communicating this by hosting a digital presentation. Mounted screens showed shocking images of war alongside¬†children viewing the ongoing violence that surrounds them. Other similarities¬†included colour scheme, key items and ummm, sand…

It’s clear that whites, nudes and beiges are going to be a hit. Oh and soft and dirty pinks (yay)! There was a lot of red and orange adding contrast to the otherwise pale colours. Blue and yellow also made the cut. Key items wise we’re talking below-the-knee lightweight tailored jackets, sandals and wide leg pants. It was all very desert I have to say, which brings us on nicely to the sand. Both CMMN SWDN and BERTHOLD had sand on set and QASIMI replaced sand with a sand dune shaped metal structure. Take a look for yourself.¬†Here’s the best of the shows in pictures…

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