Yung Club Yoga @ Selfridges

Yoga is everywhere at the moment, but it’s sometimes difficult to decide which is the best class for you. Well if you’re sick of the same old generic classes or simply like to switch up your yog-ing destination, then you might want to continue reading…

Yung Club Yoga is ‘the world’s first 225 degree immersive yoga, light and sound experience.’ Sounds fancy? It is! Based in Selfridges until June 10th (that’s this Friday!), there’s a range of themed classes to choose from including Deep Sea, Wild Child, Dream City and Spaced Out. I headed to the Wild Child class not knowing quite what the expect.

Held in what I can only describe as a holographic pod, the space was just as interesting outside as it was in. On entering we were greeted with splashes of colour, vibrant lights and a killer playlist- a whole new world of tropical tranquillity. The yoga was at a much quicker pace than I had anticipated, which was actually quite suiting seeing as I’m usually a bit of a high intensity girl. The class incorporated everything you would expect from your standard yoga class and much more- it was the first time I had left yoga feeling like I’d genuinely banished my frustrations from the day. It was also fun.

Whether you’re a hardcore yoga fan or not, Yung Club Yoga is an amazing way to transport you away from London to another realm. Even if it is only for an hour.

For yoga with a difference find Yung Club Yoga on Selfridges LG floor every day at 1, 6 and 7pm until Friday 10th June. Pre-book your place right here.

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