London Collections Men SS17

London Collections Men- the men’s version of London Fashion Week- hit the city this weekend for the second and final time this year. The biannual event held every January and June highlights the growing popularity and importance of men’s fashion- a celebration of the British menswear industry. Myself and my boyfriend, Aaron, headed to some of the shows with Select Model Management to see what’s next for menswear.

I was surprised at just how coherent the shows were, many influenced by world issues and the impact that they have on society. On us. QASIMI did particularly well at communicating this by hosting a digital presentation. Mounted screens showed shocking images of war alongside children viewing the ongoing violence that surrounds them. Other similarities included colour scheme, key items and ummm, sand…

It’s clear that whites, nudes and beiges are going to be a hit. Oh and soft and dirty pinks (yay)! There was a lot of red and orange adding contrast to the otherwise pale colours. Blue and yellow also made the cut. Key items wise we’re talking below-the-knee lightweight tailored jackets, sandals and wide leg pants. It was all very desert I have to say, which brings us on nicely to the sand. Both CMMN SWDN and BERTHOLD had sand on set and QASIMI replaced sand with a sand dune shaped metal structure. Take a look for yourself. Here’s the best of the shows in pictures…







And then there was BOY…

BOY by Boy London

BOY by Boy London took a slightly different approach. Hosting their presentation in One Embankment club directly opposite the river, the event adopted more of a party vibe including a live DJ, free bar and dance floor, complete with an upper floor view of the Thames. The collection also differed from the others that I had seen with the clothing seeming a little more street in comparison to what the other designers had opted for; models wore baseball caps, hooded jackets and boots. A more wearable collection for the convenient or sportier fashion boy.

Nonetheless, the inspiration was very much similar to that seen elsewhere, addressing world issues and the government. It was ‘formed from the concept of each of us being watched by the world around, enticed by the convenience and benefits of modern technology and the notion that we have voluntarily become government informants‘ (Boy by Boy).

Like QASIMI, looks were divided into colour coded sections and splashes of red (although more subtle) were present. An all round impressive event and one that did not disappoint.


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