Neil’s Yard Lengthening Mascara

Everybody loves a good mascara. Although lately, I’ve been struggling to find one that agrees with my sensitive skin. That was until a recent trip to Neal’s Yard, where I stumbled across this little gem…

78% organic ingredients, 5% natural minerals and clinically proven to lengthen lashes by 85%. It caught my attention indeed.

Before I knew it I was at home, mascara in hand, ready to put my new purchase to the test. The first thing that I noticed was that it smells absolutely delicious- well, as far as mascara goes anyway. A noticeably natural smell rather than the usual chemical hints. The next bonus was the applicator brush; thin, gentle and flexible, allowing for a smooth, light cover with no clumps of mascara under, on, in or around my eyes! On my lashes it was soft, almost as if I could feel it effortlessly nourishing them.

I’ve been using the Neal’s Yard Lengthening Mascara for a little time now and while I personally haven’t noticed my eyelashes getting any longer I have received compliments from others on my lash length. I’ve found that the mascara doesn’t flake around my eyes like my previous buys and I’m also happy with how my lashes feel- very healthy indeed. Now I don’t feel bad for wearing mascara because I know that the benefiting ingredients are doing me some good, conditioning my eyelashes rather than coating them with damaging chemicals.

If you’re looking for dramatic lashes then this probably isn’t for you (I use mine as a day mascara and for any nights out top up with a thicker one), but if you’re opting for the natural look, are wanting to improve your lash health or have sensitive skin and eyes then you’re in for a treat and are giving your eyelashes some well deserved TLC.

Available in black from Neal’s Yard for £16 / 7ml. xx

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