Curly Hair Tips From Curly Hair Girls

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had a fab start to the week. Despite falling flat on my face in the middle of a busy street today (oooopsie!) my day has been pretty nice but it just got better, as a brand new video has launched over on my YouTube channel. It involves a lot of giggling- enough to cheer even the most mundane Monday up- oh and plenty of tips on how to manage curly hair!

Although I usually wear my hair straight, it’s actually naturally curly and I think it’s about time that I start to appreciate that a little more. So, it only seemed right to invite my fellow curly haired girl Sian from beauty blog lovesian to give some advice! We’ve teamed up to show you exactly how to tame your mane, revealing our top tips, tricks and products that help us to embrace our curls to the fullest. See a little snippet below or click right here for the full video. xx

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