How To Beat The Hangover This Bank Hol!

It’s here- the last weekend of August, which for a lot of us means a longgg weekend! Yipppee! But by the end of it, we can sometimes be left feeling a little worse for wear. My top tip for eliminating that hangover? Watermelon.

That’s right, this trendy fruit- apparently Beyonce’s fave for 2014- can really help to zap that morning after trauma (unfortunately Lemonade doesn’t quite have the same affect). Packed with both water and nutrients, it holds just what your body needs for a speedy recovery. Keep a carton of watermelon juice in the fridge or the whole fruit in your fruit bowl and indulge first thing. You’ll soon be feeling fresh for the day ahead- even if it does just involve lounging on the sofa! Happy Bank Holiday, guys. Enjoy! xx

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