How To Smash Your New Year’s Resolutions! 

First of all, Happy 2017! Wow! We have a whole new year ahead and no idea what’s around the corner, but what we do know is, that it’s within our power to make the most of it! January is the perfect time to set new goals, which is why so many of us do, but how many of us actually see them through? These are my top tips on how to set your New Year’s resolutions and smash them!

1. Reflect on 2016. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What do you want to keep and what needs to get the boot? What could you have done to make 2016 better? Take it all in and spit all of the negatives out!

2. Make them realistic. As much as it’s great to be ambitious- and I’m all for you can do whatever you put your mind to- make sure that your resolutions are actually achievable. There’s no point setting yourself up for failure. For example, don’t vow to go for a run every single day and then be upset when it doesn’t happen. Instead perhaps aim for three runs per week and make sure that you smash them! That way, any more is just a bonus and you’ll feel even better about yourself. 

3. Write them down. Then put them somewhere that you can see them. You will be constantly reminded of what you set out to achieve. Add motivational pictures if you think that this will encourage you further.

4. Create a vision board. OK, so if you haven’t heard of a vision board before, it’s basically a visual representation of what you one day want to achieve. You need to believe that it can happen and then set out to achieve it. Rip pictures from your favourite magazines, write notes, add photos, fake cheques of how much money you want to earn and pop it somewhere that you can see it. Mine’s in my bedroom, meaning that whenever I wake up it’s there for me to see.


5. Don’t let one set back make you quit. Way too many of us let temporary failure make us quit completely. Remember the diet that you set your heart on and by day three you were giving in to chocolate and then quitting the whole thing because you’d blown it now? Well that’s not the mentality that we need to adopt. It’s completely natural to have lulls. In fact, without failure it’s difficult to see that you actually tried. When failure hits, master picking yourself up and getting straight back on it!

6. Reassess. It’s been a month and you’re finding the resolutions almost impossible- or way too easy! Don’t be afraid to reassess and make amendments to them. That way you won’t be tempted to throw in the towel and if they were too easy, you have room to make them a little tougher so that you can feel a full sense of achievement and see greater results.

7. Reward yourself. You hit your monthly target of gym sessions! Treat yourself to a new gym outfit or the dress that you’ve had your eye on. Something just to give you that well deserved pat on the back.

8. Be proud. It’s nice for others to be proud of you, but even better to feel proud of yourself. People always seem to be their own biggest critics, so if you’re sticking to your resolutions, acknowledge that and be proud of yourself! If you’re not doing so great, revert back to point five and go again!

I hope that my tips help you to make the most of 2017. Check back throughout the month for daily injections of motivation. Lots of love & let 2017 be yours, Kirby xx

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