My Gym Playlist

I’m sure that we can all relate to that feeling when your favourite track comes on and you just have to start moving/singing along/doing your signature move. It’s an instant feel good moment and has the ability to lift your mood in a split second- a sudden burst of energy from absolutely nowhere. We might not realise it but music has the exact same impact on the quality of your workout, which is why it’s so important to load your playlist with the right tracks. 

It’s inevitable that everybody’s playlist will be different (and we definitely need to keep them updated with our new faves) but I thought that I’d share with you what mine currently looks like. Here are some of my favourite motivational exercise songs…

1. The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule– Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix). That mid-workout pick-me-up. 

2. Jaheim- Just In Case (Dubaholics Remix). Try for spin & sprints! 

3. Drake ft. Nicki Minaj- Make Me Proud. Hit HIIT to this one (sorry about the pun, I couldn’t resist)! 

4. Usher- Caught Up. Run or simply just dance to this noughties classic.

5. Nicki Minaj- Superbass. Just yes. 

6. Blonde (ft. Alex Newell)- All Cried Out. For anyone who has ever been through a break-up! 

7. Eminem- Till I Collapse. Motivation at its finest.

8. Dr. Dre- Forgot About Dre. For when your workout just got hardcore *deadlifts heaviest weight to date*

9. Tove Lo- Talking Body (KREAM Remix). Spin, Run, HIIT. 

10. Eminem- Lose Yourself. Get. Your. Trainers. On. Now. 

11. Jay Z- Numb/Encore. Free weights & resistance machines. 

12. Tim Berg- Seek Bromance (Avicii’s Vocal Edit). Cardio. 

So I had to stop myself from adding more, as I could have gone on forever, but hopefully some of these may help to motivate your workout too! My top tip for creating your own playlist is to add songs that you love, played to get you through a difficult time or that evoke positive emotions. Exercise is always easier when you have some emotion to channel! 

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