If There’s One Thing That You Do Today, Make Sure That It’s This.

I was reading an article last night that stated, ‘one in 40,000 people naturally have a model’s body type.‘ If you know me or have been following my blog for any length of time, then you will know that I feel very strongly about the impact that social media has on society and in particular, on self-esteem.

Social media (and media in general) has become a way to fill our minds with ‘what we want to be’, making us feel that little less happy with ourselves as we are, in the hope that we will buy into something else to make ourselves feel better. Whether the purchase is a product or lifestyle, it seems that we are always comparing and aspiring to be something that we’re not. This has to stop.

The fact that 1 in 40,000 people have a model body type, yet these are the people that we are made to feel inadequate in comparison to, says a lot. I’m not slating editorial models, nor am I putting any body type down. I simply believe in celebrating ourselves as we are. We can be healthy and happy without being skinny, in the same way that we can be healthy and happy without having Beyonce’s curves. We just need to train ourselves to do so.

This is my little reminder to you that the girl who you envy on Instagram probably doesn’t look so great in real life (or has a sh*t personality- which yes, does matter!); you don’t have to change your appearance because of the guy who rejected you yet likes everthing in sight on social media- he really just isn’t the one; the fitness blogger that makes you feel so bad about not working out today could quite possibly have taken that picture another day and isn’t already up looking perfect at 6am doing the downward dog and that model on the front page of the magazine has been edited, photoshopped and filtered by the best photo editors in the game.

The point that I’m trying to make is, that we always want to be something more. When really, we forget to see what we are. If you do one thing today, make sure that it’s be happy to be you. 

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