FitBit Alta HR- The Brand New Fitness Wristband From FitBit

Earlier this week, FitBit invited me along to their Heart Rate Hotel to test out their brand new fitness wristband- the Alta HR. One of the main features of the new device, is it’s ability to monitor your sleep. With Sleep Stages (analysing light, deep and REM sleep), Sleep Insights and developed alongside a panel of leading sleep experts from a variety of highly regarded universities, you really can get a true read on how well you’re sleeping, including problem areas and how to improve the quality of your sleep.

No only this, but the Alta HR is now the World’s slimmest wristband and anybody interested in fashion as well as fitness, will be pleased to know that it has interchangeable bands to help you match with any outfit. You can choose from the Classic Fitness Bands at £19.99, the Luxe Leather Bands at £39.99 and the Luxe Metal Bracelet at £69.99. My personal favourites are the black classic for exercise and the silver metal band for when I’m out and about.


As part of the trial, a selection of fitness experts and influencers headed to central London’s FitBit Heart Rate Hotel to endure a HIIT workout with London Fitness Guy (James Stirling) and then lower our heart rates with a sleep session from sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan.

I’ll be posting tips from DR Nerina Ramlakhan right here so keep an eye out!

We sweated it out and elevated our heart rates before winding down in a sleep haven- fully-equipped with beds, relaxing music and even our own pair of slippers! Of course we wore our fitness trackers throughout the entire session so were able to see the changes in our heart rates from stage to stage. The experience was extremely interesting, especially as the importance of sleep seems to be brushed over in today’s fitness industry. I’ll definitely be putting my Alta HR to the test to see how I sleep and where I need to make changes!

If you want to find out more about the new FitBit Alta HR or purchase your own then click right here.

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