Tabun Kitchen

Earlier today I stumbled across a little gem in the heart of Soho, London, and I just have to share it with you all…

Now there are thousands of places to dine in London- some good, some bad, some incredible- but sometimes this just makes life that little bit harder. There’s almost too much choice and when it comes to food-based decision-making, I have to say that I’m usually pretty indecisive. I always find myself going back to same old restaurants (my faves) time and time again, as I know that I’m guaranteed a great meal and won’t leave feeling disappointed. However, this does mean that when I do find places worthy of adding to the list, I am absolutely over the moon. Today, Tabun Kitchen made the cut!

Based on Berwick Street, Soho, Tabun Kitchen is a Palestinian restaurant. It’s intimate but airy, with a carefully crafted menu and offers dishes based around a modern interpretation of traditional Palestinian recipes. I had my eye on several of the dishes (queue the indecisiveness) but eventually opted for the Vegetarian Makloubeh- a thyme-grilled vegetable dish with rice and pine nuts. It got 10/10 for presentation and set my taste buds alight from the first mouthful.

You can choose from mezze to traditional main dishes, salads, burgers and tabun oven meals. There’s plenty of choice and even the sides were incredible. We ordered the Za’atar fries, which were unlike any chips I’ve tasted before. With a founder whose parents are from Bethlehem and Jerusalem and whose grandfather owned a large olive farm in Jordan, it’s no wonder that the menu is insane. You can view the full menu for yourself by clicking right here!

I will most definitely be heading back as soon as I can to try more from this incredible place. Thanks, Tabun Kitchen! You have gained a new regular!


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