Top Swimwear Stores 

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with bikinis… I own over 50 different ones (it may be closer to 60 since I last counted), which I’d say is quite a lot to say that I live no where near the beach and that I’m not the most enthusiastic about swimming. I don’t even live in a hot- or warm- country!

Anyway, my love for swimwear means that I know a good few places that are great for picking up some new swim pieces. Here are my fave picks below!


Cheap bikinis of a good quality and some really amazing designs! This is my number swimwear spot. Zaful is an American site but I’m from the UK and haven’t had any problems with orders (although do watch out for Customs Tax on bigger orders).

Gingham Bikini £10.28 at Zaful


Free People

Not the cheapest of bikini websites, but oh boy are they cute! They host a range of premium swimwear brands including this Minimale Animale ribbed two piece below.

Minimale Animale Desperado Set £205 (for both pieces) on Free People



Yup, I said it. eBay is one of my go-to bikini shopping destinations. Home to tons of super cheap swimwear boutiques. Sometimes the quality can be a little risky depending on who you buy from, but overall i’d say it’s pretty good and with prices so low, it’s difficult to complain!

High Waisted Floral Bikini £5.98 at eBay

I have a confession… I haven’t bought from this brand before, but definitely will be doing! I had Emily Ratajkowski swimwear brand recommended this week and it is insane.

Swami’s Onepiece $160 from Inamorata

Free Society at ASOS

Reasonably priced sporty styles. What’s not to like!

Free Society Bikini £37 at ASOS

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