My Health & Beauty Travel Essentials

So the weather here in the UK has been miserable for the last few weeks, leaving everybody feeling ready to book their 2018 getaway(/s). I love to travel, always choosing to visit as many hot destinations as my bank account allows, so you would think by now that I would have nailed packing light… Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I’m a, ‘better too much than too little’ kind of gal. However, I do have a list of key items that I always pack no matter what. Take a look below at what items travel with me wherever I go:

Nivea Soft Tube (75ml)– A moisturising cream, perfect for hands, face and the body! This is my favourite moisturiser to use even when I’m at home and it’s 3-in-1 properties make it perfect for travel.

  1. Piz Buin in Sun Lipstick SPF 30– If you can trust any lip balm to moisturise and protect your lips from UV rays, then it’s this one. It also manages not to melt easily like some other brands that I’ve tried, so it really is great for hot weather locations.
  2. Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File– the nail file that lasts you pretty much a life time. It even comes in it’s own cute little case! Trip after trip, the nail file that will never fail you.
  3. Airwaves  Menthol Chewing Gum– Fab for clearing your sinuses after a flight, as well as clearing your mouth of any unwanted smells after all of that gorgeous holiday food. Oh and I mean, you never know what international hotties you may encounter…
  4. Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel– Always a good thing to keep in your bag and this Soap & Gory hand sanitiser smells delicious too.
  5. OGX Kukui Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil– Essential! If your hair is prone to frizz you might want to add this little baby to your case. I swear by this oil, especially when the temperatures- and humidity- rise. Sadly, it’s only available in 118ml bottles so if you’re travelling with only hand luggage (is this a thing?) then you’ll have to decant it into a smaller bottle first- but it will be worth it!
  6. Ikoo Hair Brush– Detangles your hair, massages your scalp and it’s a great travel size.
  7. Piz Buin Tan & Protect Intensifying Sun Lotion– We all know the importance of protecting our skin from UV rays. This is my favourite sun cream to use, as it’s not too heavy yet does the job and moisturisers my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin (some sun creams/oils have caused me to break out before) but haven’t ever had any problems with Piz Buin.
  8. Vita Coco Coconut Oil Mini (50ml)– Sometimes you just need that intense hydration for your skin, especially if you’ve been exposed to extreme weather- hot or cold! Vita Coco Coconut Oil never lets me down. This 50ml pot can be thrown straight into your hand luggage! It can also be used as an effective hair mask. I’ve been known to coat my hair in it during the day with a dash of lemon to help lighten and hydrate my locks.

3 thoughts on “My Health & Beauty Travel Essentials

  1. Hi Kirby,

    Nice blog and congrats for your creation!!
    I have frizzy/curly hair which tend to get dry and for 3 years I have been trying to find the perfect conditioner/butter/shampoo combination matching with my hair. Moreover I have always tried to choose silicone-free products because I have read and experienced that it prevents the hair to get “naturally” moisturised and it could even get them to become dryer, what do you think about this ?

    The issue of the dryness of my hair seems to be sometimes unsolvable (even if I moisterize them in the morning) when I do a swimming training in the sea and stay exposed to the sun during the whole day on the beach (I’m a beach lifeguard), the salt and the UV join forces to fight any moisturising components left! But I guess it’s an extreme situation for the hair, I might be expecting to much from a hair product 😉



    1. Hey Sidney,

      Thanks for your message! In all honesty, I’m not too sure in regards to the silicone-Free products. I also have frizzy/curly hair (although my curls are very loose) and haven’t particularly noticed any issues with products containing silicone in fact I actually love to use John Freida, which I’m sure has silicone in it.

      However, I do know that for me one of the best ways to hydrate my hair is to use coconut oil! I use fully organic oil and use it as a hair mask and it works wonders. I imagine the sea salt isn’t great as whenever I’m in the sea it dries my hair out so much!! But the OGX oil is also fab so maybe you could try add that throughout the day?

      These might not help but worth a try haha! Hope you find a solution xx


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