How To Print Photographs Straight From Your Phone… For Free!

I honestly cannot remember the last day I went without taking a photograph. Whether it’s of my outfit, face (sorry), food, a cute view or even a screenshot- I’m pretty sure this counts as a photo, no?- I’m always snapping away. Partly because it’s my job to do so, but also because I simply just love it. I have over 13,000 images stored on my phone and there would probably be more if it wasn’t for my storage allowance.

It’s kind of great that we’re able to document every moment. It allows us to reminisce on nearly every single day of our lives… wow. I love how technology enables us to do this however, I can’t help but feel like there’s nothing better than looking through a good old photo album or having pictures displayed around the home. Wouldn’t it be great if we could print the best of these memories straight from our phone into actual photographs at the click of a button? Well now you can, anytime, anywhere and all for free.

FreePrints is a free app that allows us to print 45 photos per month for free (max 500/year). All you do is select the images from your phone, type in your address, choose your delivery method and ta dahh, they’re delivered straight to your door! You do have to pay for delivery, however this can be as little as £1.49 depending on your delivery preference. I discovered this app towards the end of last year and have been a regular user ever since! The photo quality is great and delivery is pretty quick.

I’ve started to make an album and plan to have a photo box to store all of the pictures in, which I’ll be able to keep forever. How cute! If you’re a fan of photographs then FreePrints might just be for you. Happy snapping!

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