Turning 26…

August 5th 2018 and I have officially been 26 for one whole day. Well actually, nearly two now. I’ve reached the ‘wrong side of 25’ and I’m not too sure how I feel about it…

The final week of being 25 was, in all honesty, absolutely all over the place. I’ve emotionally been having a very strange week or so, with my moods changing by the hour. I burst into tears several times last week for no apparent reason. Anybody else have an odd week too? Perhaps it was just the thought of leaving 25 behind! Anyway, 26 has hit and I’m here, hungover, having a good old think about life.

P.S. I’ve just re-read that paragraph and am very aware that I sound a little crazy/like an absolute lunatic. But it’s staying in there. It’s natural to feel that way sometimes and I’m sure that we all go through it once in a while, no?

Anyway, being honest, when I was younger I looked at 26 as being an adult, which of course I am. However, I imagined that I would be settling down with the man of my dreams, buying a house and all together killing life. I don’t have the house- yet- and I definitely don’t have the man (although Man of my Dreams, if you happen to be reading this please feel free to introduce yourself). Oh how different my life is compared to what I had imagined and I feel like many of you may be able to relate in one way or another!

26 is so young yet it’s easy at this age to feel pressurised, especially when close friends begin to start settling down. It’s almost like there are certain expectations and you feel as though you are falling behind. You’re not and I think that it’s easy to start being too harsh on yourself.

So, reality check. I’m 26. I’m single and self-employed. I have my dream career, even if I’m not anywhere near where I want to be with it just yet. I work hard but I also have my fun. Perhaps too much sometimes but is that even a thing? I’ve travelled abroadMu times already this year through my own earnings and opportunities. I live independently in London and made that happen through my own hard work. I have AMAZING friends and family. I’m happy and I’m proud of my achievements so far. I basically have a lot to be thankful for.

Yes, there are many things that I am still working towards. I want to get on the property ladder and I’m aiming for greater success within my career. I’m ready for a relationship, but I don’t need one and I’m not about to put a time limit on my singleness for the sake of expectation.

All in all, I’m here, I’m alive and I’m ready for this next year and beyond. Getting older isn’t something to resent. It’s a blessing and I choose to make 26 my best year yet.

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