Puma x Ader Error Launch Party

Last night I headed down to Kachette, Shoreditch for the launch of the Puma x Ader Error collaboration. Effortlessly cool Ader Error is a contemporary brand founded only in late 2014. The fact that in less than 4 years since their launch they are already collaborating with brands such as Puma speaks volumes and looking at the collection you can see how they created a name for themselves so quickly.

Entering the event we were greeted with large projections of the video campaign, twin female models dressed head-to-toe in the range and blue, yes blue, gin and tonics. Very on-brand. If you haven’t been to Kachette before then let me set the scene. It’s a concrete venue in the heart of Shoreditch, London, set under the archways of a bridge. It’s simple, moody and very urban- perfect for the showcase of this collaboration.

The collection is unisex and really does speak to both men and women. Comprised of sweatpants, oversized tops and jackets, trainers (of course) and accessories, the range is super relaxed and perfect for our transition into Autumn Winter. To me it oozes street city style.

It’s not available to buy until August 31st at 11pm (one more sleep, guys) but you can browse the collection by clicking right here and see what you think for yourself.

On that note, I’ll leave you to have a little look by signing off with a very sassy picture from myself and the girls… See ya soon xx

Portia Prince, Anna Carradice, Paige Drury-Lawrence and myself, Kirby Akindeinde

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