The Body Shop Body Yogurt

So, Summer has officially come to an end (even if the weather isn’t saying so just yet- I’m actually typing this while sat outside trying to soak up the last of the sun) and the thought of Autumn has me scrambling to hold onto my tan for as long as naturally possible. FYI, I am not a sun bed user and aren’t so much a fan of fake tan, so they are out of the equation! I could book flights to a hotter destination, which may still happen, but as a quick fix to maintain healthy glowing skin I’m choosing to ramp up the moisturising!

It’s not secret that I’m a huge lover of coconut oil as a daily moisturiser, however sometimes it’s a little too much. Especially when I’m in a rush to leave the house. Coconut oil doesn’t mix so well with fabric and can leave marks on your clothing if you don’t let it dry… not the one. In fact, it’s difficult to find a moisturiser that dries super quickly. I’m talking application to fully dressed in less than a minute. Well, The Body Shop have come up with a solution- their Body Yogurt range.

Source: The Body Shop

The Body Yogurts are lovely, they smell divine (strawberry is my fave followed by the almond milk), are cooling and are ridiculously quick-drying. According to The Body Shop research, three in four women agreed that they could put their jeans on straight after application. I put this to the test and although I hardly ever wear jeans I have to agree that I can put my clothes on within 60 seconds after moisturising.

What’s more, they are 100% vegan and are made with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Suitable for all skin types- I’m prone to dry skin if I don’t moisturise and think that they’re great- they are £8.50 per 200ml pot. Thank me later! xx

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