World Mental Health Day

So today is World Mental Health day. It’s 10.30pm and I’m writing this post with approximately 1.5 hours until the day’s out and it becomes another year until World Mental Health Day 2019 is upon us. I really just wanted to drop in and say that speaking up, out and about mental health isn’t something that has to end at midnight too.

Whether you are directly effected by mental health issues or not, you can have a positive impact on somebody’s day just by being mindful of the fact that we don’t all deal with things in the same way. Mental health isn’t something that we can see and sadly, it most definitely isn’t something that most people feel open to talk about- especially if it is themselves tackling it. Plenty of people suffer in silence and even a friendly smile on the tube or a warm hello to a colleague can massively impact somebody’s day. Remember to check in on those close to home, be open to speak about anything that may be effecting you and most of all, be kind.

Mental Health Day may stop here but raising awareness around mental health isn’t over. Check in, speak up and spread those smiles around. We will tackle the stigma around mental health and we will start tackling it right now.

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