Feel More Scentered…

Ever get the feeling that you just need a big hug? Sure you have. We’ve all been there. As much as we go about taking on the world, we all need to show ourselves a little love, take a moment and find some balance. But for some reason it’s not always that easy to be quite so kind to ourselves.  Sometimes we need that little extra help- be that with picking up our mood, falling asleep or even just with boosting our concentration power- and I’ve found a brand that recognise that. Introducing Scentered.

Scentered offer natural therapy products that use essential oils to directly impact your body and mind. They have a range of aromatherapy balms and scented candles, each with their own specific purpose for lifting your mood or aiding activity such as sleep or helping us to focus. The range includes Escape, De-Stress, Sleep Well, Focus, Be Happy and Love.

I’m a huge fan of Scentered candles (and love my Scentered Happy candle) but it’s the balms that I am particularly impressed with. Scentered balms are different to other aromatherapy products on the market; their unique blend of moringa (a plant with a number of beauty and health benefits) and shea butters allows for a long-lasting fragrance and non-greasy application. They are the perfect size for travel, so can be popped straight into your handbag and are genuinely really effective.

They say that smell is the most powerful out of all five of our key senses, so it makes sense (ha, get it?!) to use this to provoke different moods. Think about the way you catch a whiff of a strangers perfume as they walk by and it instantly reminds you of a loved one, or the way the aroma of a certain meal can take you straight back to childhood days around the kitchen table with family. We instantly associate specific smells with certain people, places and things. They can evoke vivid memories and emotions at the drop of a hat. Inhaling essential oils will have the same effect in that they will allow a change in mood almost instantly.

I’ve been using my Sleep Well therapy balm (£14.50) to help me drop off smoothly at night. I can’t lie, I was a little sceptical of whether it would actually work or not at first, however every time I’ve used it just before going to bed, I’ve found that I’ve been sent to sleep pretty quickly. Earlier this week I was having a restless night with bad dreams and reached for my balm at around 4am. Although it didn’t make me drop off peacefully straight away like I had hoped, it did seem to help me relax and eventually I did fall back into a deep slumber.

You can read more about Scentered products by clicking right here.

(Header Imagery sourced from Scentered.me).

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