Feel Good Playlist

It may be grey and gloomy here in London today but that’s no reason to mope in those Monday blues. I’ve collated my fave tracks for that instant mood lift to have us ready to take on the week ahead with full force and ultimate feel-good vibes. Headphones in (or speakers on full volume 😉 ) and get ready to feel great…

The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule – Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)

This track just had to be first on my list. With a sick beat and two of the biggest artists in hip hop, this song brings all of the energy.

 Donae’O ft. Belly- Chalice 

Donae’O (Donaeeee’Oooo). Still making those bangers.

Rihanna- Man Down

Me and the girls screamed this song at the top of our voices while speeding on a boat through the Blue lagoon this summer. People most definitely thought we were a little crazy (they also probably wanted to join the party). Let your hair down and feel those Caribbean vibes with bad gal RiRi, Man Down.

Yungen ft. Yxng Bane- Bestie

I’m not quite sure what it is, but I just love a bit of Yungen. Accompanied by Yxng Bane, we went wild for this song last year and it’s still one of my faves.

Jean Knight- Mr. Big Stuff

An oldie but a most definite goldie. A little bit of girl power right here. Ramp up the volume and ramp up that attitude. Nobody’s messing you around today- or any day!

Fabolous ft. Tamia- So Into You

Quite possibly my favourite song ever. A little bit mellow, but oh so Fabolous 😉

Mario- Let Me Love You

Yes, just yes. Apologies to anybody around me when this song is on- I can’t resist but trying- and failing- to hit those high notes. Mario, sing it to us baby.

Whitney Houston- It’s Not Right But It’s Okay 

Who doesn’t love a bit of Whitney?! Slay!

Chris Brown- Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

I had to. Old School R&B at it’s best.

Seizo- Oh Baby

This mix just does it for me. A little bit of young Michael Jackson. If this song doesn’t lift your mood then I don’t know what will!

Image taken by Becca Naen

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