Björn Borg X Another Space Event

Last week, activewear brand Björn Borg held their ‘New Year, Same You. Just Better’ HIIT event at Bank’s boutique fitness studio Another Space and I headed down to see what it was all about.

On arrival we were kitted out with all new Björn Borg kit- black and white, with pops of pink and neon green- and were able to pre order smoothies from the smoothie bar. I went for Berry Blast, hopped into my kit (black leggings with branded taping and a longline vest) and after catching up with a few familiar faces, we were ready to go.

Led by trainer Jamie Ray into a dark room lined with boxing bags, TRX ropes and sandbags, it seemed like this workout might be quite intense… and we were right. After being split into groups (boxing and floor) the timer was set and we were straight into things.

Of course, with a room full of fitness bloggers and professionals, every single person in that room meant business. No messing around, straight to it and boy what a session we had. It got hot, it got sweaty and it got intense. We hit, kicked and jumped our way through the workout and by the end of the class, the energy was high. We’d gone from just rolled out of bed to ready for the day ahead and it felt brilliant.

Jamie, our instructor, was fab. His high energy pulled us through the class and there was a real team spirit in the room. With the invite encouraging us to come down and chase those ‘exerhighs’ the event sure lived up to what it had promised.

Thanks, Björn Borg- you definitely know how to put a girl through her paces!


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