The Runaway Pub by New Balance

As part of their sponsorship of the 2019 Virgin London Money Marathon, New Balance are about to open doors to their brand new pub, The Runaway and the press night went down a treat. Guests were greeted with a free bar (yippee!) and pie and mash (hello!) as well as numerous activities to keep us entertained throughout the eve. Now, I know what you’re thinking… a sportswear brand opening a pub? Sounds a little odd, no? Well, this is a pub with a twist and here’s why…

Based amongst the hustle and bustle of Charing Cross Road (nearest tube station being Leicester Square) The Runaway looks like any other London pub from the outside, with stained glass windows, flower pots and traditional pub signage. Even inside may fool you; you walk in to tables and chairs, an alcohol-lined bar, dartboard and a mini stage area for the entertainment. It literally looks like any other pub that you would find in this part of town. However, this is no ordinary pub. This is a New Balance marathon pub, so obviously there’s more to it than simply just a bar.

For one, buying alcohol is a little different here. They don’t take cash. Oh no, instead you can redeem your Strava miles for drinks of your choice. Basically, the more you train the more you can drink. Clever! Secondly, the pub has a secret room downstairs with it’s very own gym for NB sponsored marathon runners. Simply open up the duke box and step inside to clock more miles on the pub’s treadmills (two words that I never pictured being placed together) or get in your resistance workout with the kettlebells and weights. We definitely weren’t expecting this one, New Balance, but anything involving fitness and alcohol gets a thumbs up from me.

A massive good luck anybody running this year’s marathon. Don’t forget to reward your hard work with a trip to The Runaway!

Find The Runaway at The Big Grey Boutique, 64 Charing Cross Road, London.

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