New Balance Flagship Store Birthday Celebrations

I joined forces with New Balance last weekend to celebrate the first birthday of their Oxford Street flagship store with giveaways, a live DJ (my friend, fellow blogger and all-round babe, Millie Cotton), special guests and of course cupcakes!

Myself and a selection of other fitness enthusiasts were able to pick out our ultimate running outfits, which I have to say was much harder than it sounds, as there were simply too many cute outfits to choose from! I eventually opted for the New Balance FuelCell in all white, RRP £130, as well as black running tights and this super cute sports bra worn below…

Customers could help themselves to Skinny Bakery cupcakes and the first fifteen people to have Stride ID on the day- New Balance’s innovative way to find the best fitting shoes for their customers- were given a pair of the NYC marathon running shoes best suited to their running needs. The giveaways didn’t stop there; twenty-five lucky New Balance shoppers were gifted £20 vouchers to spend on anything they like, as well as a further twenty-five vouchers being given to people outside of the store sporting New Balance that day!

Team New Balance Manchester coach and mentor Steve Vernon and Team New Balance Manchester athlete, Jonny Mellor, were also in store to give running advice and tips to customers. I’d met Steve at my first ever event with New Balance back in 2015 when we took to the streets of London for a hot summer’s run. Apart from the weather it seemed like history was repeating itself, as we headed to Hyde Park with the New Balance Run Club for drills and 800m runs. Sporting my new kit I was ready to go until Steve suggested that I pair up with Jonny for the warm up sprints! With Jonny holding a PB of 28:42.2 for 10,000m, you can take a wild guess who won… Hint: it wasn’t me.

When it came to the sets of 800’s, Steve told how the first run should always be the worst. It’s important when training not to go flat out on your first one. You need to be able to pace yourself for the rest!

It wasn’t long before we were heading back to the store and saying goodbye to the New Balance team. I obviously picked up a cupcake for my journey home- it would be rude not to- and showed off my new running kit all the way back. The very happiest of birthday’s NB Flagship- here’s to many more birthday’s to come!

Tabun Kitchen

Earlier today I stumbled across a little gem in the heart of Soho, London, and I just have to share it with you all…

Now there are thousands of places to dine in London- some good, some bad, some incredible- but sometimes this just makes life that little bit harder. There’s almost too much choice and when it comes to food-based decision-making, I have to say that I’m usually pretty indecisive. I always find myself going back to same old restaurants (my faves) time and time again, as I know that I’m guaranteed a great meal and won’t leave feeling disappointed. However, this does mean that when I do find places worthy of adding to the list, I am absolutely over the moon. Today, Tabun Kitchen made the cut!

Based on Berwick Street, Soho, Tabun Kitchen is a Palestinian restaurant. It’s intimate but airy, with a carefully crafted menu and offers dishes based around a modern interpretation of traditional Palestinian recipes. I had my eye on several of the dishes (queue the indecisiveness) but eventually opted for the Vegetarian Makloubeh- a thyme-grilled vegetable dish with rice and pine nuts. It got 10/10 for presentation and set my taste buds alight from the first mouthful.

You can choose from mezze to traditional main dishes, salads, burgers and tabun oven meals. There’s plenty of choice and even the sides were incredible. We ordered the Za’atar fries, which were unlike any chips I’ve tasted before. With a founder whose parents are from Bethlehem and Jerusalem and whose grandfather owned a large olive farm in Jordan, it’s no wonder that the menu is insane. You can view the full menu for yourself by clicking right here!

I will most definitely be heading back as soon as I can to try more from this incredible place. Thanks, Tabun Kitchen! You have gained a new regular!


Puma X Metabolic London

It’s official, Puma have joined forces with brand new gym Metabolic London to offer free, yes free, classes to the public every Saturday 3-4pm. The announcement came last week and kicked off with their launch event on Saturday, where a selection of fitness fanatics (including myself) took to the Mornington Crescent based gym to be put through their paces by gym founder, Lawrence.

The session combined body-weight exercises with free-weight equipment such a medicine balls, kettle-bells and dumbbells. Definitely my kind of class! I won’t go into detail in case you want to pop down and try the class for yourself, which I highly recommend that you do, but I will say that the class happens to find a great balance between work and play. It’s challenging but somehow manages to remain fun.

Everybody who attends will receive a free Puma training vest or tee to wear to the class and Lawrence will also award one of his team with a £25 voucher to spend in-store at the Puma flagship in Carnaby Street!

If you fancy heading down, all you need to do is pop an email to and they’ll get back to you to let you know if you’ve secured a spot! Classes are booked on a first-come-first-served basis so be quick in order to guarantee yourself a place! Head over to Instagram and search #PumaxMetabolicLDN to see more.


Puma X Metabolic London Launch Event Crew

F*ck The Boys Club

Call me boring but Sunday is one of my favourite days (after Friday & Saturday of course). Lie ins, movies, roast dinner and spending quality time with friends and family. What’s not to like? Yesterday I spent my Sunday just the way I like, catching up with the girls and after a whole three months of not seeing one and other, we definitely had a lot to catch up on! Queue the main topic of conversation… boys.

Now to any guys out there reading this, please don’t get all egotistical and think that women just talk about men 24/7, because that’s not true. But I’d be lying if I were to say that you don’t take up a good chunk of our time. We’re usually either complaining about you, trying to work out if you fancy us, trying to work out if we fancy you, or simply just checking that hottie out from across the room. Now, as we sat with our cake and coffee- fresh orange juice for me because I refuse to fully enter adulthood and be a coffee-lover just yet- we jumped straight to our favourite topic.

I started first and as a single girl of several months I told of dates (both good and bad) and men I have my eye on. Since our last catch up I haven’t suffered too much heartache so we jumped over to the others pretty quickly. Now, I won’t bore you with tales of break ups because one, it’s private and two, you’ve probably been there a million times before. However, as the conversations unfolded I began to realise a little more than I thought coffee and cake ever could make me realise. What came to me was that these women are amazing, independent, successful females and not to mention absolutely beautiful, yet at some point (if not more than once) they have been made to feel inferior by the person who was supposed to love them the most.

Each of us could agree that during previous relationships we had become somebody who we are not. A lesser version of ourselves, perhaps less sociable, less confident, even less ambitious. We had allowed a man to dull our shine and that’s just not acceptable.

I’m no love guru and I won’t pretend that I am, however I have been through enough boyfriend drama to offer some pretty decent advice and although it’s not always so easy to see- the term love blind springs to mind- it’s important that you realise a few things.

One. Don’t let anybody bring you down. If your partner doesn’t add to your life for the better, what are you doing?

Two. Pain is temporary when it comes to break ups. He/she might feel like the love of your life and there’s nobody above them but you’ve split up for a reason and one day you will see why it wasn’t meant to be.

Three. It’s OK to admit that you’re not OK. That’s what friends and family are for and the sooner they make you realise how amazing you are, the better.

This isn’t an anti-men post. Although I am currently sat writing this wearing a t-shirt that reads, ‘Fuck the boys club’, I’m not saying men are bad.  We love you, boys, we really do. But sometimes we need to acknowledge that men aren’t the be all and end all of our lives. We can and will shine with or without you, so choose wisely whether you’re ready to be a part of that or not. I guess what I’m trying to say is, whether you’re in a relationship, single or it’s complicated, you are amazing. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to and as long as you keep a clear sight of who you are, everything, be that business or love, will happen as and when it is meant to. So put on your fave outfit accompanied with a big smile and get ready to go smash that business meeting, watch the sunset, hit the cocktail bar or simply sit laughing with your favourite people. Grab life with both hands and don’t let anybody dull your shine.

Kirby Anne X Johno MacCarthy

Working with Johno MacCarthy was a dream. One of the most down-to-earth people that I’ve ever met and an amazing photographer at that. If you haven’t seen his work previously, then be prepared to start spotting it everywhere, as this guy has some serious talent and drive (the best combo). 

We teamed up on a late summer weekend and shot away around the picturesque streets of Notting Hill. Here’s what we created… 

Find more from Johno on Instagram at @johno_maccarthy. 

PUMA x Sophia Webster

Last night saw the launch of PUMA‘s latest collaboration. This time the brand have chosen to couple up with flamingo-loving honey Sophia Webster and the range is fire!

Kick-starting the launch with a Carnaby Street store party, guests had the chance to get up close and personal with the collection and with Sophia herself, who spent the majority of the night dancing away next to the DJ booth (my kinda girl)!

PUMA’s store looked insane and the VM fitted perfectly with the collaboration. There were unicorns, clouds, plants- the kind you see in those trendy home magazines- neon lights and pink. Lots of pink!

My fave part, after the collection of course, had to be… wait for it… GLITTER COCKTAILS. Just yes. Although I opted for the mocktail option, seeing as I vowed not to drink alcohol this week after a heavy bank hol, I was still excited to have glitter and flowers in my drink. Yum!

I snapped away at the collection so you can see it for yourself below, but basically it’s bold, beautiful and totally Sophia. An amazing, if not unexpected, collaboration between two of London’s hottest brands.

PUMA, Sophia, you have smashed it. Bringing some colour (and I imagine a lot of compliments) to our Autumn wardrobes! Shop the collection for yourself right here.

Tezenis Fitness_City

Best known for their super cute underwear and swimwear collections, Tezenis are out to let the world know about their activewear range. I headed to the Oxford Street store along with a bunch of other fitness blogger babes to find out just what Tezenis have to offer.

Treated to our very own kit, we could experience the collection first hand. Although most of the girls opted for the black matching outfits with floral detail  (that were amazingly transitional- think gym to brunch- and fitted like a dream), I chose to go with the Piping Basic Gym Legging in Grey and Pink with the matching Cup Detail Gym Top shown below.

Once we all looked the part, we were ready to work up a sweat with 4fitnesssake‘s Chiara Pellegrino, who by the way, is an absolute hun! The workout used bodyweight and resistance band exercises in a dance-like manner to get our full body aching and toning. We kicked, dipped and jumped our way to the end, finishing with a mini routine combining all of the exercises that we had carried out. Even though I’m not the most natural dancer, it was definitely fun to exercise to the beat and learning the routines seemed to take my mind off of the actual exercise. Bingo!

Of course there was a photographer at hand, Domenic Pendino to be precise, to capture the entire event. See some of Dom’s pictures below…


All in all, the event was lovely. Such a nice way to bring together girls with a real interest in fitness and health. The Tezenis activewear collection is ideal for anybody who wants to feel great when working out without having to spend a bomb on clothing. It’s feminine, flattering and there’s a variety of mix and match styles to choose from. Check it out for yourself right here or pop into store to see the collection in person!