Facial Skincare SOS!

Has winter taken it’s toll on your skin? It’s common for your skin to feel more dull, look a little more tired and be all-round less glowy during the cold winter months than it is over the summertime.  Well, don’t worry- I’m here to help!

Being a little tomboy as a child and with the nature of my job, I’ve always tended not to wear much make-up. Meaning that on a day-to-day basis, my skin is often completely bare. I prefer it that way, but it does mean that when winter hits and I no longer have my summer bronze to do the job, I need to look even more so towards my skincare routine to keep my skin glowing. I am obsessed with moisturising (I moisturise my face three times per day and body at least once, sometimes twice), so it’s no surprise that I’ve trialled a fair few products. Here are my fave ones to give your skin that much needed boost!

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The Runaway Pub by New Balance

As part of their sponsorship of the 2019 Virgin London Money Marathon, New Balance are about to open doors to their brand new pub, The Runaway and the press night went down a treat. Guests were greeted with a free bar (yippee!) and pie and mash (hello!) as well as numerous activities to keep us entertained throughout the eve. Now, I know what you’re thinking… a sportswear brand opening a pub? Sounds a little odd, no? Well, this is a pub with a twist and here’s why…

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