Midweek Motivation From Me To You

January; the start of a new year and for many a new chapter. This first month of the year is often looked upon as a chance to turn a new page, to start afresh or to improve on ones current lifestyle or habits.

It can be motivational, yet it can also be a little bit dreary. Let’s face it, the festive period is over, people are saving the pennies, we’re in the midst of winter and most people are doing Dry Jan or some kind of health kick, which is great but often means your social life may take a slight hit this month.

I always think that the New Year can be quite emotional. We say goodbye to the year that has been and welcome in the unknown ahead. It’s a time that gets people thinking- many people take big risks at this time of the year; perhaps the leap to quit their job, plan travels or even make huge relationship decisions. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves over this period, which can be so so great or kind of detrimental.

Anyway, it got me thinking and I feel with January being such an emotional yet motivational time that there may be a few people out there who need a little reminder that we don’t need to put quite so much pressure on ourselves. Just because it’s a new year and many people are ‘leaving bad energy in 2018’ doesn’t mean that there’s a magic switch that can change your emotions and mindset just because 2019 is upon us.

Take your time! It will come, believe me. By all means, set yourself goals for the year ahead, no matter how big or small. Make improvements to your health and lifestyle. Cut out people who no longer serve a purpose in your life. But don’t expect massive transformations overnight. Stick with it. There is a whole new year ahead filled with opportunities, travel, new friends, unexpected love and incredible times. We’ll build stronger bonds, say goodbye to certain people and welcome new ones into our lives. It will all happen when it is meant to happen and all that you can do is enjoy that journey.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, relax. The year and years ahead are going to be amazing. There will be ups and downs as always but you will stand strong, like you always have. Keep doing you and most of all, don’t be too harsh on yourself. This is your life and things will happen in your time.

Now, 2019, let’s see what you have in store because we’re going to embrace every minute of you, one step at a time.

Easy Tips on How to be More Mindful Everyday

“We’re all one step closer to dying, but are we even living?”

A morbid yet worryingly impactful quote from today’s morning with Headspace (it wasn’t all this deep don’t worry!). It seems that while we go around each day rushing from one task to another, many of us forget to acknowledge or appreciate where we are. From the point in our lives that we have reached, to more simple things like our surroundings; we are there, but we very rarely take that in.  We are in the present, yet are we aware of it?

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Feel More Scentered…

Ever get the feeling that you just need a big hug? Sure you have. We’ve all been there. As much as we go about taking on the world, we all need to show ourselves a little love, take a moment and find some balance. But for some reason it’s not always that easy to be quite so kind to ourselves.  Sometimes we need that little extra help- be that with picking up our mood, falling asleep or even just with boosting our concentration power- and I’ve found a brand that recognise that. Introducing Scentered.

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