My First Time in Italy

Last week I flew to Italy for the first time ever. I’d heard nothing but great things about the country, yet still didn’t really know what to expect. Every single person that I’d spoken to gushed about how great the food is out there and recommended places to visit, yet where I was to visit wouldn’t really be under my control. I was travelling with two close friends of mine- sisters- and their family, so the itinerary would be down to them, which I kind of liked. I’m pretty chilled when it comes to making plans, so if it were down to me we’d have probably spent two days just deciding where to visit (and I was there for a three day trip, so that definitely would have been no good).

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How To Print Photographs Straight From Your Phone… For Free!

I honestly cannot remember the last day I went without taking a photograph. Whether it’s of my outfit, face (sorry), food, a cute view or even a screenshot- I’m pretty sure this counts as a photo, no?- I’m always snapping away. Partly because it’s my job to do so, but also because I simply just love it. I have over 13,000 images stored on my phone and there would probably be more if it wasn’t for my storage allowance.

It’s kind of great that we’re able to document every moment. It allows us to reminisce on nearly every single day of our lives… wow. I love how technology enables us to do this however, I can’t help but feel like there’s nothing better than looking through a good old photo album or having pictures displayed around the home. Wouldn’t it be great if we could print the best of these memories straight from our phone into actual photographs at the click of a button? Well now you can, anytime, anywhere and all for free.

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My Health & Beauty Travel Essentials

So the weather here in the UK has been miserable for the last few weeks, leaving everybody feeling ready to book their 2018 getaway(/s). I love to travel, always choosing to visit as many hot destinations as my bank account allows, so you would think by now that I would have nailed packing light… Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I’m a, ‘better too much than too little’ kind of gal. However, I do have a list of key items that I always pack no matter what. Take a look below at what items travel with me wherever I go:

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